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Various yog and meditation teaching schools impart know how of the science of meditation and its concepts, there come with their unique identity, like the Buddhist, hindu or chakras, but there is one thing which is common in all of them, is to start meditation from the root chakra and then move upwards, and this is the umbrella pattern and under all these patterns there is no mention or no relevance is shown or reflected on what is the energy spectrum which that individual has, which is totally contradictory to the founding principles of approaching the life energies. Confusing…….? Lets ponder and plunge to discover what is it which is missing. 

Lets try and understand the scope and relevance of mantras by an example, did you ever wonder why are there so many types and compositions in the medicines, why should there be so many medicines why cant one cure all the ailments, as this is what is expected when a person undertakes the curative measure often referred as religion? As the choice of the mantras, procedures and also the process is copied/adopted by someone who was able to achieve something in society, may it be in terms of money or social status, taking his/her achievement as the bench mark for establishing the credibility of that measure, people choose it and then keep following it, and more than often landing in more despair than before, like a person who has a healthy insulin release is put on to insulin, what would that result in. The author here wants to bring to the notice of its readers, there is no thumb procedures, even for reaching the common goal, which is wealth or health or money or combination of all the three.

Mantras and/or hymns recitation, is one of the procedures which is adopted to refine the prevailing energies for desired outcomes, and with the availability of so many mantras and their benefits on various SEO’s, often from where the enthusiasts pick up and start reciting, which is a wrong approach that’s, reason which doesn’t results in positive outcomes rather in-fact the results obtained are negative, it can be better understood, by the varying potency of the medicines and the frequency of the medicine to be ingested, as prescribed by the doctor, as there is lesser potency in children medicines in comparison to adults, even if they are made of the same chemicals, like paracetamol. Likewise when mantras and/or hymns are undertaken, the analysis of the prevailing energies is mandatory to be done and it is during the process of this analysis, all assisting energies and obstructive energies should be evaluated and hence tabulated by the analyst.

Mantras and/or hymns are tools of great reverence, they lay huge impacts on the system of its practitioner, they are more than capable of altering life, for better if done meticulously or can hamper if it is just done without any analysis, quite similar to what happens with medicines, can be life saving if undertaken professional supervision and on the other hand can endanger the life if just by wish or reference (as this medicine worked for him/her so should work for me too). 

The author in no way is trying to scare its readers, but is just trying to convey, the procedural significanc, especially of all and anything which is capable of changing/altering, life. In addition to what mantra or hymn should a person undertake, it is the duty of the analyst to narrate the correct pronunciation of the hymn or mantra to its client, failing which, even the right mantra/hymn, wont result. The mantras are combinations of tones, high and low, inhaling and exhaling etiquettes are precise and specific, variation in them will be a waste of time for the practitioner. 



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