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Vishal Dwivedi, heals through Vedic methodology by engaging various technologies, as

 Naad based healing


In this specific sounds are generated and their resonance is used for the healing of the person. These sounds are naturally produced within the body due to the movement of various nerves and organs during their functioning, but when their generation is blocked or hindered, that is when the body is unable to produce the chemicals/energy to keep itself healthy, which leads to illness and/ or low in performance.

 Pranic based healing

(based upon the varying temperature of the breath)

In this the chandra ( low temperature) breath and Surya (high temperature) breaths are used for the healing. The person is made to perform prescribed regulators in its breathing patterns, for overcoming stress, which can be either or both physical or emotional.

Vedic psychics healing method

(the comprehensions drawn by the use of grains)

In this methodology grains are used to determine the energy patterns of the person and also hinderances, blockages are made obvious. This is the most primitive methodology to comprehend the issues which a person is facing, and is yet to fail.

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