4.0 0 People love it

You have a different approach as a psychic, you predict and then encourage to change the shortcomings


3.0 268 People love it

your knowledge is great you guide well, but you should speak more and explain what one is to experience as we dont know what to feel.


5.0 547 People love it

Your analysis have been of great help to me, will keep coming back to you. Thanks


3.0 12 People love it

Psychic evaluations are spot on, but charges are very high


4.0 346 People love it

Mind blowing experience


5.0 56 People love it

Loved this technology

Bobbie Bennett

4.0 234 People love it

It answered most of my questions


3.0 46 People love it

Your technique is definitely unique and great, but i think you speak less you should guide the client more, as to what is to happen.


5.0 756 People love it

Very hopeful.

Tom Nick

5.0 0 People love it

Dr. Vishal Dwivedi is a great person. He always provides me best resolution for my problems.


4.0 0 People love it

Glucose is good now, but why is it that it starts building up when I stop this yoga?

Natasha James

5.0 0 People love it

All the information given by Dr. Vishal Dwivedi Ji has always helped me. They have helped me a lot in the Solar Plexus. Thanks again Dr. Vishal.

Toby Markus

4.0 98 People love it

Honestly, most of the readers on this Chakra Psychics website had lied and sugarcoated a lot and nothing they had ever said ever happened.

The only ethical, good, accurate, honest ones are Sonia Divine Messages, Danielle Psychic and EffieK. They told me the truth , they are very kind, they are very insightful and most of all, THEY ARE VERY ACCURATE, COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIND. They truly are the only ones worth your time and money. I am so glad I found them!!

coolkid eric

4.0 4 People love it

he’s amazing!


3.0 3 People love it

Spoke to an advisor regarding an issue I was having problems with. The advisor pinpointed the issue right away without me offering any info. In fact they'd pinpointed who the person was in relation to how I know them. Decsribed the problem in detail as well and offered a prediction that I am now waiting to happen. Very friendly and warm individual. Will use her service again.


4.0 4 People love it

The app is easy to use. Affordable price for speaking with Psychic .

Kathleen Menendez

3.0 3 People love it

The psychic was quick and straight forward. My only feeling was that while he was quite blunt sometimes he seemed to be getting ahead of things and didn't listen to anything regarding the history of the relationship I was speaking about. Also, the reading provided information that really seemed out of character for both my significant other and myself. Personally, maybe there are things I'm not seeing or naive about, but didn't feel like it was spot on, just rather quite general and making assumptions.

Emma S.

3.0 3 People love it

The physic was very honest a i formative

Samantha Jones

4.0 4 People love it

One of the only sites I’ve found that all the psychics I have used have been real.


3.0 78 People love it

om many of the psychics, had to write it. Thanks a lot.


5.0 0 People love it

Meditation experience is out of this world, thanks sifu


3.0 3 People love it

She was accurate. She nailed it. I was in tears and she was sympathetic. Can't wait to be able to afford to get another reading.


5.0 0 People love it

It was such a relief post the chakra yoga meditation with you, would suggest if you could train more people


5.0 0 People love it

Undertaking the sessions with you has given me a lot of confidence to know my weakness and the courage to overcome them. thanks


4.0 874 People love it

Meditation, I have never experienced the way I did with you Dr, thanks


3.0 276 People love it

It was good, but appointment and charges are the things you need to improve


5.0 34 People love it

Thanks for psychic readings and suggestions, now things have started moving.


5.0 935 People love it

post undertaking the complete course of chakra yoga I am feeling as a complete changed person, anxiety levels are well in control, I am not angry or hyper, physically too feeling lot energised

Dr Swaminathan

4.0 427 People love it

Naad Yoga, I had never heard of it, but I must say the results are outstanding


4.0 535 People love it

Just came from dark to light


4.0 75 People love it

This Helped me


3.0 3 People love it

The person i spoke with really seemed to know things they could not have known and was able to somewhat accurately predict what would happen to me in the coming months

List Bleak Satish

5.0 5 People love it

I just had a great reading on Chakra Psychics! I didn’t believe that this service is real, but I have to say that it was much better than what I’ve expected. Thank you Chakra Psychics :-)


3.0 0 People love it

The chakrayoga meditation experience was very nice, but it takes too long to have an appointment, why don't you hire more experts for teaching meditation

Aaron Bartlett

5.0 798 People love it

I’m using the Chakra Psychics reading service for the past few months. I absolutely love to chat with the psychic, and the predictions are absolutely fine. I now take the opinion from Chakra Psychics psychic every time before investing on any property. I am lucky to find the best place where I get the appropriate predictions which help me take right decision.


3.0 43 People love it

I absolutely love working with the…
I absolutely love working with the Chakra Psychics. I've found that they are all really really helpful for me and have given me quite a bit of insight into my problems.


3.0 3 People love it

Great and best service

Jenny Watson

5.0 65 People love it

Great feeling ... Chakra Psychics is awesome will come back again. Thanks!!


4.0 0 People love it

course was good, you too are expensive, bring down your charges


5.0 5 People love it

The reading that i got was sooo amazing…
The reading that i got was sooo amazing and im waiting upon the results and most of the things she said were true.. her reading has given me hope nd faith in my relationship and im still waiting for more results to come from her reading


4.0 4 People love it

The reading was efficient, he didn’t waste anytime and was straight to the point. I will definitely use this app again.

Mary Lucas

5.0 34 People love it

Amazing service! Great communication. Highly recommended!!


4.0 0 People love it

Complete session of 11 days has changed my life for better, I am much calmer person now. Thanks

Kristina Nilaj

3.0 3 People love it

Through text message I have never received a more honest reading that was so clear fast and straight to the point my reader even told me the first letter of the name I asked for (my bfs ex) and I knew exactly who it wise ever since then I come back at least once every other week for clarification In my life. I love Chakra Psychics and trust it like no other out there!

Kylee Anne Mccue

5.0 5 People love it

Not so sure
My advisor sounded spot on but so far nothing he said has happened.... im disappointed

Samuel Jones

3.0 35 People love it

Thank you for always having my best…
Thank you for always having my best interest in mind. Helping me to see what I can’t.


2.0 324 People love it

Charges are way too high


5.0 264 People love it

Chakrayoga experience is just out of this world, never realised there is so much within, which is unexplored. Results speak, thanks a lot master


3.0 187 People love it

Dr Dwivedi, is good in his psychic readings but the other people....phew


4.0 284 People love it

It is great experience, but to have appointment is a real cumbersome thing.Dr Dwivedi, You should make yourself easily available


3.0 923 People love it

Was good experience, the results exceed expectations, can you please lower the charges


4.0 546 People love it

It was real out of the world experience


4.0 234 People love it

Great! I felt like the psychic understood me, and was waiting for my questions. I didn’t feel rushed or like she was taking excessive time. Her reading helped ease some of my concerns!

Jim Hasset

3.0 234 People love it

Great advice for decent price. Chackra Psychics has some of the most amazing Psychics on their site with caring guidance for any situation!! Highly recommended!!


4.0 4 People love it

He was very fast and his answers were spot on matching my questions. You can sense that he has empathy and sounded very encouraging. Still waiting to see if what he predicted will happen and I will come back with updates :)

Danny C

4.0 457 People love it

Very happy with my experience, it took me some time to find a psychic that I like, but I've been talking to Sascha for some time now and she's been my go-to person ever since. Definitely will keep using chakra psyches!


3.0 453 People love it

All the psychics that I spoke to are professional & compassionate. They are great listeners & they have told me to the point what is going on & what will happen. They are awesome people to help people like me!

Jenny Jenks

5.0 98 People love it

You get what you pay for. I have found out that I have gotten very good/accurate answers from the lower priced readers. I feel they are there to give service and not take your money. Also, if customer feedback is listed, check it out. There will be some people who do not like the answer they get so they will leave a bad feedback because they wanted it THEIR way. But the honest answers these lower $ readers give, you have more truth than higher $ ones! Chakra Psychics is really doing good


5.0 5 People love it

I had a great reading and was given all the information i was looking to hear.

Akash Ghatkar

5.0 5 People love it

Very nice I love it keep it up☺️👍🏻

Timothy Johnson

Amazing!! I feel 200% better. Will definitely come back for more guidance in the future. Thank you so much!!


5.0 0 People love it

In addition to the mind blowing experience in Naad Meditation, the customised yoga mat has really been helpful.

M Rei

4.0 434 People love it

Accurate and Beyond Helpful
Great platform for those seeking advice! The payment process is easy to understand and complete, and my experience with the staff so far has been wonderful. My advisor’s prediction and knowledge of my situation was accurate beyond my expectations, and I will be returning for a follow-up session soon.

Maor Graiber

4.0 4 People love it

just awesome

Shakyah Terry

3.0 34 People love it

I honestly thought this was a scam but it was a great reading a little pricey however my psychic was very accurate and polite I will be using them again if I keep seeing the great turn out on advice thank you guys very helpful.


3.0 3 People love it

She was very understanding and very helpful in my situation.. the app is great and the service is great !!! Recommend to many who feel they need clarity do t judge until you have had a session .


5.0 5 People love it

She gave a quick and clear reading with some great advice. I really appreciate it and needed the guidance.

Ruth Williams

5.0 53 People love it

you’re so good!
Do I always have to write a review so everyone knows you’re so good!? Definitely a personal advisor by all means. Thumbs up!

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