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    PSYCHIC HEALER ! Aura Analyst

psychologist with decades of experience behind him, helping, guiding, people overcome their psychic inhibitions in addition to helping people enhance their possibilities by the use of naad meditation and up the bar each and every time they implore into the profound science of yoga/ self-healing.

 vishal dwivedi, provides as unique blend of  modern science in collaboration with Vedas, assist in healing and excelling in the path of lifequalified master in yoga with unique expertise in Naad Yoga, which is practicing through the single notes hence produced by various energies within the body. Vishal Dwivedi apart from promulgating the science and essence of yoga has also been succoring to kvell by psychs, by analyzing the aura (which can be done either in person or over the phone/skype).

All sessions must be done face-to-face or through online video chat or on Skype/Face Time to ensure the most accurate results.

Please contact us for any personal queries

phone : +852 5407 5165 (hong kong)

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