Day: As It Would Be | 19 Feb 2017

Aries (Mar 20- Apr 18):

Starting something new wont be a good thing for today, try to complete the tasks/projects on hand, as it would be more relaxing the feel of having no pendency.

The feel of starting something new or urge of moving ahead, will be dominating, just keep harmony with others too, as it always requires corporation to complete a task.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19):

Love would continue its smooth flow today too, and there would be feeling of solace and harmony with spouse. Single living are likely to meet someone, who can sweep them off the floor.

Finances will be a issue today, and is likely to be bothering you, controlled spending would be a wise thought. Your mood is likely to affected by the moods of others.

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20):

Love and response from your spouse would be marking the day for you, and would keep you in high spirits. You would be wise in checking the facts than just being tempted by the ideas, this mood is likely to be more on the financial aspect.

Your thorough and deep and analysis will be the "tool" for the day. As before trying anything new, you would be thinking of the entire process than just jumping in for the swim.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21):

The relations which are pivotal, would be clearing up the disputes and this would be of great help for your mood and growth. Family is likely to be cooperative and would be adhering to your suggestions. Your communication skills will be marking the day.

At work/profession being cautious would be better, don't take the things/people by their face value but by facts, would help.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21):

Having itchy feet feel wont be too good, try not get bothered by the standstill or slow moving pace, thinking and acting patiently would be highly beneficial.

What and how the work place would be today, is dependent upon your behaviour. The results are likely to be directly proportional to your acts and reactions.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21):

You would be positive in your outlook, don't believe that what you say is the ultimate truth. Be open to suggestions and don't feel offended when corrected. Remember what you know today, was also told by someone earlier, keep the student alive within yourself, and continue with your positivity.

Your patience and sobriety would be tested at the professional front, perseverance would be the key for how you would like to shape up your day.

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22):

Today would be a day when things/events are likely to test your patience and endurance, as new path to move is likely to pave in. Don't loose heart, and keep the spirits high, as when the trees shed their leaves, it always is an indication of spring season round the curve.

Hearing yourself while speaking would be the best exercise at work, check your words and emotions before conveying/expressing.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20):

The day would be like a bouquet of flowers, leaving you with the choice of choosing amongst buds and thorns. Be patient and don't try to ensure to have a solid grip on the things, leave a breathing space for yourself and for others too. Don't push around.

Planning your profession, would be a good thing. Just be cautious of not ignoring the details before deciding.

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20):

Emotions and family would be requiring your sincere attention and considerations today. Act in favour of harmony to prevail, and don't be stubborn to push around with your perception.

Today would be a day to try the loose ends, don't decide with conformity as you are likely to be ignoring few artifacts at work. Don't be conclusive, let the discussion continue, even if its with you.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19):

Your generosity would be high today, and you are likely to remain in your saint mood through out the day. Better to wise in spending, even if you are spending within the family or for someone who is very close to your heart.

You would be surprised to know your planning skills, as the results would astonish you. But don't get carried away by them, all when done doesn't lead to success every time.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18):

Be careful of how to deal in with financial matters, keeping the things straight will help today and in future.

At work you are likely to fetch appreciations, keeping the emotions within limits, is always wiser.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19):

A trivial issue can lead up to rift in the family, try not to be too egoistic with your words.

Being miser in speaking would be of great at work, as you are likely to spoil the taste, if you speak ex tempo.

These predictions are general in nature, as they are based on affects of planets to various Zodiac signs, which should not be comprehended as person specific. However these predictions are likely to more suitable or true to the people born in the first quarter of the month, but having individual natal chart evaluated should be adopted for making the things shape up better. For further assistance and queries, contact



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