Day: As It Would Be | 1 March 2017

Aries (Mar 20- Apr 18):

Today will be the cooperation and harmony in family for you. Romance is most likely to make you happier by its expression by the evening.

At work, mutual cooperation is likely to be in the fore, which would help in easing out pressure and things for you. Just be careful with what new you step into, as things be disguising.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19):

Things ought your well thoughtfulness, especially in the way of expression, be wise and choosy with your words, silence should only be broken with better "words"

You would be certain about things at work, but chances of your belief being challenged are there. Be specific and certain about your conduct and thoughts and conduct as in the manner, best suitable for the situation.

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20):

Your love/mate/spouse is likely to be more demanding than before, be wise and select the choice of "yes or no" based on realities not on aspersions.

You would like to deal with the things in more sensitive and calculated manner at work, which would be better way of approaching, but be sure that you don't kill the charm by being totally immune to charm of newer things.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21):

Things would be just fine with the family.

Your thoughts and intellect would be guiding the day for you, which may instigate some prejudice. Staying with your thoughts and trusting logics over appeasement would be best option. Be cautious about the choice of words.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21):

Be open to suggestions and be humble in your approach, else you can heat up the things at home/family.

Defeat the arguments by logics not rhetoric's, would be better way, or curbing down any resentment at office. Preserve your patience, and the day shall turn out better, else you may sign off the day with a tense and depressing mood.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21):

Your family/lover would be demanding your presence and attention, be generous, in your approach and don't let stress from other spheres spoil your relation. There would be several people in your interaction today, which shall lead you to enlist the trusted and worthy ones from the rest of the cluster. Be wise, as this would be affecting your future to a large extent.


Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22):

Bonding, between you and your partner/spouse is most likely to strengthen, be generous in your admittance when expressing the value of your mate.

At work, things are likely to tune up your mood, as the things are shaping to turn with positive results as the task/assignment is likely to reach it logical end, which would be making you easing and relaxing with charm. Some trusted lieutenant is likely to share some worthy information, which would be necessary for future course of events/things.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20):

You would be fantasying or planning future with your loved ones today, which would be adding more charm to the already flowing enthusiasm.

Things are likely to shape up well at work, just be cautious, don't ignore when your health calls for attention. "A stich at time saves nine"

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20):

Discussing things with your loved ones/spouse can ease out the things for you. Company with loved ones can ease out the battle within.

You are battling within, between intellect and emotions, a smooth interaction with yourself, shall be able to make the things clearer.


Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19):

Try to comprehensive and explicit with your mate, don't be stubborn, as it can lead up adding more tensions to already heavy pile of dilemma.

Be open to suggestions at work, adamant attitude can be damaging.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18):

Try keeping the stresses and tensions of other sphere hinder/intrude in your family.

The messy situations can be best dealt with a little step back, and then reproaching the thing. Be cautious and careful of not loosing your self belief.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19):

Your loved one/spouse will be expressive about how you should be carrying out yourself at home, ignoring the family has taken a toll on your relation, accept your fault with grace and smoothen out the tensions.

A project/task is likely to reach success today, which will enhance and boost your moral. Try to ward off uncertainties with logics not by emotive approach.


These predictions are general in nature, as they are based on affects of planets to various Zodiac signs, which should not be comprehended as person specific. However these predictions are likely to more suitable or true to the people born in the first quarter of the month, but having individual natal chart evaluated should be adopted for making the things shape up better. For further assistance and queries, contact



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