Enhancing Productivity



There is a common emotion irrespective of the age group, the emotion pertains to inability to perform as desired, this can be students, professionals or anyone for that matter. The author predicates that the energies of the person are in order, and there is no major problem in the energy spectrum, but the issue is only with its translating into “work” (which does also refers scoring high grades in your exams or the ability to complete the assignments on time) which is infer for not resulting.

There are several factors upon which the body is able to translate the energy into action, amidst them the corresponding aura, the nature of the company that you have around. Library is working example of this, where talking is prohibited and all the occupants of the arena are engaged with one or other literature/ books. Thats why the results are more positive and satisfying.

Avoid being with the person who at the moment isn’t associated with the kind of work which you are doing, like studying in institute or in solitary would be better resulting than studying when your siblings or parents are hovering around you, as in regard in office, it's better to be facing your favourite photograph than having vision of your office mates, as the emotions hence generated by viewing the photograph would be calming to your brain and heart than having someone in the vision who isn't taken too well by you or vice versa (with the buoyancy of you understood what the author intends to convey, in a veiled manner).

Secondly keeping a clean water holder, like transparent water bottle or some metallic tumbler/cubic on your table, would also help in body to translate its energy into action, which would ease the pressure of work and in case you are student you would be better in understanding the concepts, than just cramming them up.

Keeping stress out of your endeavour would be the most pivotal part of the curriculum, as when you stress or stretch (physiologically) then its just a waste of energy and time, as there is hardly scope left for any kind of gain. There are instances, like exams or important presentations are to be made for work which you can’t afford to leave for tomorrow or some other time, so people normally try to battle it out by either having tea, coffee and in some cases some alcohol based drink, the vedas say for a person who is physiologically exhausted/tired, listening to some soothing “beats” music (reference of any mantra or hymn has been ardently evaded) and again attempting the bother, would be better resulting, as being by a flowing river or a water body may be a unavailable luxury for some of the readers.

As the author feels that it has shared as to how to cope with stress in an advent manner, the reasons as why the emergence of stress is there should also be known, to understand the issue. Agitation, loss of concentration, bored and many a more are just expressions of the issue, not really the issue as addressing them would be like a futile exercise.

Depending upon the spectrum of energy within the fathom of lucidity of any work defines its axiomatically, but as the nature of the society is, kids varying in their likings are exposed to same set of academics or your liking to perform in a varying manner at work (introspection variable) so there is where the sense of forced association is created, which leads to stress or under performance, but as the system is you can’t tailor it as per what you would like to have/ be, so in that case, devoting more times outdoors or doing an activity which engages you in a happy mood, like listening to music - but in no case use of any gadget - would be recommended by the author, because the radiations from the gadget would further jeopardise the thing and would be addictive in nature, which is evident with kids and adults they get grumpy without their mobiles.





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