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Is "failure" a Reality or Concept?

Whenever one engages in doing something or performs a task, there are always two virtues attached to it, one is "success" and the other is "failure", both have one thing in common is the corresponding emotions, mostly dependent upon its outcome or conclusion. well as they, both, tend to reflect their attributions on the person, but nothing on the concept of performance or its result. as the process is independent from the result so are "you", but the illicit attachment of the thing, somehow gets the person believe in the outcome to be some source, which can guide him/her to another emotion of "happiness". when there's a performance or execution, there are is one person, you, who wants the thing to be best, but there is another person who doesn't wants the thing to be good, and this person is called "adversary". the outcome of the event, will definitely gonna be yielding, all the three emotions, success/failure/happiness, but who is recipient of them is the driving force.

Every person has sometime during his/her lifetime experienced these emotions, but all these tend to fade away, after brief stay with recipient, then why is the entire mankind languishing to have the thing whose charm is "fading" in nature. why is it so, the success or failure are so pivotal that they tend to control the entire life of the person, when its known that they don't last forever, also their columns are decided by someone else. As the person who is performing or executing isn't aware of the outcome, it is the spectator, judge or in other words the society who embarks upon to highlight the result. Why is it so, that the result/outcome of life is decided by a third person, like a scorecard in a football match which only mentions how many times the goalkeeper had failed to save the strike going through the goal post, not how many time the goal keeper had been able to defend. There has to be a difference between a football match and life, why is it that one only remembers the failures, which one has come across, and one tends to forget the "saves" or the sincere efforts. The answer to this is, we have always lived our lives in respect to others, like our height is in respect to others which decides whether we are tall, short or average, as it hardly makes any difference to "me", as the individual within you or you itself has no change in itself with respect to its height. The mother earth doesn't changes its gravitational force, or the colour of your blood doesn't change neither does the functioning of the organs within the body, nor does death.

The concept of living life as scoresheet of a football match, has made the lives what it is, quite stressful. As almost every individual is trying to score a goal at one time and also trying to save the strike from the other, as it is being comprehended as either to be successful or being a failure the key role of life. Whereas life happens to be much more beyond these two apprehensions, life in itself has nothing to with either of these emotions, its far too illustrious to be expressed on the planks of success or failure. Life in itself can be definition of success, as when it fails, there is only one thing which is "death". Nostrils able to take in the oxygen, lungs able to expand and provide oxygen to blood, heart pumping blood to the farthest point in the body is all success, and all these procedures have no affect on them, till the time you don't allow the scoresheet to take upon your life. As when you take the number of attempts and number of successful ventures count too seriously, its then that the body tends to go into self damaging mode, and releases chemicals which aren't good for its existence. As the chemicals within the body, don't understand whether its joy, sorrow, remorse or sulking, for them this unnatural behaviour means anxiety, and anxiety to this calm moving and functioning body is not a healthy thing. That's why diabetic, hypertensive or people suffering with heart ailment are suggested to keep the anxiety in control, and their immediate family is told not to share a sudden development, which may be shock or pleasant surprise. The human body, or any living being, isn't naturally inclined towards failures or success, its just the way the world has made itself and its habitants to be, worrying about the result.

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