Various Energy Points or Planets in Different Perspectives

Sun is on of the major planet, which has major impact or prudence in our lives, and the visible sun has its imperical impact on all the forms of lives, from the moving ones to the ones which are supposed or apprehended to be non movable. So called primitve science of astrology, for understanding the individual and his/her energy levels, twelve houses with seven prominent energies, and to be easily marked, have been named by populous ones, elaborates about how the individual will have things, right from the basics of his personality, digestion, talking abilities,profession, family, children to the higher levels of spiritual quest to other formulations of one being.

To start this comprehension (some known to most yet to discovered):

Sun in the first house:

First house which is comprehended to be the house of physical projections, and its physical being, is understood if planet Sun is placed there is supposed in a very good position and is bound to confer the native with a very good health, provided it is in conjunction with some retrogatory planet, either being placed in the first house or in various other houses impacting the first house. The native having the sun in their first house in their natal chart, will be progressive in their relations and would be enjoying warmth and sobriety with all the people apart from being a charm within his/her family. The native will be obedient to the elders and will have great affinity towards his/her father, and father will remain the main focus during his/her entire spree of breathing in and out. The native is also comprehended to be blessed with a spouse of high morales and ethics, which will be a driving and supporting force for the native and for the family in addition to the children born out of this relation. The native will be magnanimous in his/her being and will be charming and frank in expression, either by the choice of expressing either by words or actions.

These attributions are physical in nature, but if we dig deeper, and explore how this placement would be affecting the individual, as on the terms of energy levels and how the structure or the body will be taken or understood. The individual, who has Sun in the first house of its natal chart, will be having no issues as in regard to digestion and would likely to remain free from the diseases like cold, and would be having high immunity towards influenza or diseases which are caused by displacement of levels of sputum. The gut feeling of the person, or the power to know the next move or having feel of how the process would result in is very high and mostly accurate, if the gut feeling isn't blended with the desire. There should be no problem in fertility of the person, as the heat within the body is likely to remain high/normal, and shall remain relatively warm even during extreme winters, and sweat is likely to remain odour free.

Sun in the second house:

Sun in this house, comprehension of the individual as in accordance as depicted by the virtue of its natal chart, reflects that the native won't be too wealthy, if money is the prime consideration of being wealthy is concerned, but would have a legacy to him. The relation of native and its father would be Luke warm, and the inherited property coming his/her way isn't said to be a smooth affair, and litigation in property is on the cards for such a person. But if the placement of sun is without any malefic conjunction, then there would be riches but disputes in the family are likely to remain. Astrology science further elaborates on this, children of such a person are likely to be good in ethics but are likely to face issues with their progeny.

If we comprehend the affect of sun in second house, means if the Sun is in second phase in its energy, then the person wont be happy with his digestion, it doesn't mean that there would be a issue with digestion but certain eatables don't seem to be befitting for consumption of such an individual, food articles like wheat and barley wont be acceptable for the person. The fertility rate of such a native is in a mediocre state, which is neither good or bad, but there are tools/remedies for such a person, and there would be lesser effort required for person to be progressive.

Sun in the third house:

Sun in the third house, is comprehensively good for the family and the warmth in the relations is likely to be prime. Would be having a very charming personality and his/her words would be having great significance and would prefer to speak truth and winning his/her way up, than by using lie as a plank to succeed, the thought would always be of introspection before occulting.

As in regard the placement of Sun in third house, in the physical realms means, the person would be less in stamina but would be putting effort to rise up the endurance. The natural muscular strength of the native wont be too big a thing to be boosted about, but the native will be too inclined in keeping himself/herself in shape. The fertility wont be an issue, and his communicative skills would be requiring refining before the native attains good oratory skills, but still the would be languishing to speak spontaneously.

Sun in fourth house:

Sun in fourth house, in astrology its said to be the hous