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Sun in Various Zodiac Signs: Fire in correspondence with other forms of energy

These attributions of Sun, in various Zodiac signs are as an individual is born with, as this technology which imparts of the behavioural intellect further shares the various tools to make not so good combination to be good, and also how to make the good ones better.

Sun which is universally accpeted as one of the basic source for each and every life to dwell and flourish, in its own dinstinctive way. As each force or energy to dwell, there is a requirement of a potential difference, which means, there should be some difference, so that the energy can flow. Various Zodiac signs, are the centres of energy, in which there are specific type of energy, in this article, a brief comprehension on how "Sun" responds and reacts to these energies.

Sun in Aries:

Sun in this sign, is supposed to be exhaulted, which means sun is very powerful, or the energies work in tandom to each other and there is harmony in the syncronisation. But the best placement of Sun is at 10 degrees (as earth is a sphere, which is of 360 degrees, and how you are placed in these 360 degrees, as humans are shaped like a elipsinode).

Aries, which is supposed to be a fiery sign, is comprehending well with the very basic nature of Sun,which is also fire in its type.

The native, who has Sun in his Aries, shall be leading a active life, life in which there shall lots of activities (the conjuctions of other planets on the zodiac will also be determining the nature of activity, whether effort or pacing forward/success), but activity is likley to remain.

The native is likely to remain aloof from the society, and because of the placement of Sun in Aries, which is having higher energy levels, is unlikely to be good listener or good participant. As the very basic nature of "fire" is to engulf what has been offered to it, and ask for more, same shall be holding true for the native too, its likely to lead the native also enduring for more as what all has come is consumed.

Sun in Taurus:

Taurus, which in astrology, is supposed to be a neutral sign, a sign which is reflected by "Venus", which is supposed to be a nuetral in its charge, which means anything blending with it, is likely to retain to its original charge, which means, sun will be preserving its heat and light even when placed in this zodiac sign.

The native is likely to remain lazy, as the flow of energy, in this combination, tends to neutralize the energy which has been flowing in between sun and venus, thus more inclined to be placed at one place, than being a wrangler as was the case when sun was in aries. Sun, being the dominant energy source, the person is likely to be true to its words and commitments than drafting an excuse to backtrack.

Sun in Gemini:

Blend of Sun and Mercury (which is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign) is likely to help the native be intelligent and is to have easy grasping prudence of the subject, than most of other combinations.

Even in this case, Sun is the source of the flow of energy, but isnt well corresponded, as mercury happens to be more on the neutral side than its negative proportion. The native this kind of placement of Sun, is likley to coward, but would be intellectual, but without its reflection in its physical persona.

Sun in Cancer:

Moon a watery planet in its nature, is blending along with Sun, in this zodiac sign, where the fire and light of Sun is reflected by the moon (as is the case in the cosmos), which is better than what Sun was able to do in Taurus and Gemini, but not as good as Aries. The dominant amongst Sun and moon, would be moon, as it happens to be the resident type of energy in that energy centre, due to which it is likely to make the native shy and exteremly moody in its nature.

Sun in Leo:

Sun is the resident of this sign, the zodiac which is associated with sun and fire is the main quality of this sign. The potential difference between the degrees/strength of the zodiac sign and the degree/strength of Sun will be deciding upon how the flow of energy would be, which would be deciding factor upon how the native would be leading the life.

Sun in Virgo:

Like Gemini zodiac sign, Mercury, is the ruling force of this zodiac sign, which makes the native to be intelligent but conservative. The attributions of Gemini zodiac sign are likely to be the same, provided the placement of Virgo in individual's horsocope is amicable for these qualities to be there.

Sun in Libra:

Venus, is the governing planet/energy of this zodiac sign like what is the case was in Taurus. The syenergy of Sun will be correpsonded by the neutral nature of Venus. The native is likely to be too considerate and passionate about the feelings of others, and would be taking longer than usual to reach a decision, which would be reflective in its accomplishments in life.

Sun in Scorpio:

The ruling planet/energy of this planet is same in nature as Sun, which is fiery, which makes the placement too amicable for Sun to convey its force as it is well corresponded with the resident energy.

The features of Aries sign can be apprehended to be synnomus to the one of Scorpio, apart from that Sun in this sign will make the native too vulnerable to any emotional flow, which is likely to hamper the growth of the native.

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