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Why Do We Struggle?

Why do some people tend to struggle more than the others, in order to reach the same conclusion, what is the thing which is so remarkable that it happen to have a mark in deciding upon the efforts involved, right from their extent to their intensity. What is the thing which creates this divide between the people who happen to have a safe sail whereas the others always end up in turbulent waters. Is it a thing which is something which is decided by force(s) with external intrusions or that is in the person(as all of living beings are made up charge) who is not a able to create enough attraction for the thing to come to it.

The physical body, which is comprehended to be something which doesn't belongs to us, and the human’s in general are something who have just taken this form and in that sense has obliged Mother Earth and also the “life”, which the person happens to be living. This physical body, is the basis the strata of the everything and all the things which happened, happening or are speculated to happen in the future, and it is this physical body which shall be experiencing the entire results, of it, then why is it so, that it is believed that there's something other than this body which will bring the desired/un desired in the sequel of events to happen to this body. Let's first understand, even if the belief of “me” being some other entity than physical body is true, even then this physical body is the thing which is carrying/ferrying this “me” all the time, metaphorically, its like a vehicle who's carrying you from one location to another, but that vehicle needs to be fit enough and in proper running condition to be able to execute the ferrying, if not, you are likely to abandon it and take a newer one. And secondly the comfort during the journey period is also a important issue taken into consideration before really hopping on to it. And for any vehicle to move and move smoothly, the proper lubrication of the parts is one of the most important aspect,Like wise, if this “me” is you and your body is playing the role of vehicle, even then you need to take care of it, so that it gives better performance and comfort, and the destination can be apprehended as the things which this “me” tends to accomplish, and the lubrication is better harmony amongst the planets/energies within the body, who need to work in a synchronised manner for getting the things organised/done.

There are always various measures of achieving any task, likewise, to get the harmonious sync amongst the planets/energies, various technologies and corresponding tools have been in use, and have evolved with the changing times. Their modes of operantis have changed, but the science and the technology, happens to be working on the same principles, as the humans happen to have the same genetics as they were since pre medieval times. Adoption, of this technology to achieve the science, has been developed by the development of social set ups. Wearing a Belgium Ruby wasn't such a easy case in US, till the recent times, when the societal set up has made it possible.

There are various tools at easy disposal, which can be used to make the things smoother and easier for the person to dwell a better life, these tools can range from creating a specific pulses within the body (mode of prayers), to wearing hierograms or gem stones to make the energies behave better for “me”. Most of the tools now have a emotional and sacred tag, attached to them, which has restricted people to move ahead of the present set of tools to the better ones in the offering, or graduating from crutches to walking on their own.

In all the religions, there is set of prayers, a specific set up of words which are meant to recited in a particular manner to yield or induce a certain vibration into the energy centres or to stimulate them in a specific manner. As the issue has always been, people tend to forget that each body has different permutation on the behaviour of these energy points/planets (that's also reflected in the natal chart, which is always different for each individual) and the process of prayers or even the kind of recitation words need to be different for different identities, as the concept of being sacred and emotional bounding is so strong that they cant be broken to develop a different procedure.

In order to make ones life to be better in a specific way, the measures undertaken have also to be specific in their nature and cant be generalised, which would result in struggle for some and success for few.

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