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Life, a journey, signified on the basis of breath, as it is pivotal for evaluating between living and the dead, but what is this breath, why is it that the thing which is the so important to make one to be living or dead. This exercise has been there with each one, right before the other organs were even put to use, breath which was there before the vision (the opening of eyes), the thing which makes or drives the heart to pump, the thing which provides the fuel for the mind to even think leave the thing of being comprehensive, the digestion (which is also directly and indirectly dependent upon breath), why is it that this primary and the most crucial thing remained ignored during the course of life. How many have even checked how the breath behaves, how does it sound or reverberates within the 107 types of bones and equal high numbers of muscles and tissues.

Breath, which is so very important, that without it or if not in correct magnitude can result from the simple experience of body ache to the level of pragmatism. Why is that this has not been able to have the command in our perceptions when it is the real perceptive, isn't our up bringing which can be said as the reason for ignoring breath, our ourselves, and emphasising more on the things which we are learning from the people who themselves are still languishing to know, why is that we have always believed that what we learnt all the way during the journey, which is calculated by the years months and days passed that this marvel of breath has been there with us. From the enormous opportunities of evolving, the picture of the person is made to be curtailed only to expressed by words, words which are developments of the mankind and often have nothing more "notes"(as music is expressed) in it, apart from expressing the feelings of the moment, but language of silence of the notes of the breath, which keeps the infant smiling mostly during his non learning days or during the days when the infant is in terms with the cosmos more than the people who are surrounding him/her, as the communication then required no facial expressions, just communicating without any adulteration of emotions or feelings without any reason to be communicating, still communicating and happily explicit.

And later, when the person is versed with the language, and is has been bound or has accepted to curtail the euphoric of life by boundaries of comprehension, its then the quest within takes the centre stage again, and people start their search either by taking the route either by aspect of astrology or taking other measures, often termed as prayers or going for pilgrimages, as somewhere within us the quest of finding that expressions of ecstasy is wanting. Then the suggested measures by others, in which they remained unsuccessful, are taken up to quench the thirst of something/someone within us, this quench is also termed as "search of peace" and solace. There are so many measure are offered, and most of them, as the previous methods are reflecting that solace or peace or the quest is of something which is outside not within, that's why, irrespective of the faith, caste, religion or creed the wanderer may be, is lead to things which aren't part of itself. Which makes the quencher, languish more and his apathy is ever increasing as the thing, about which he has some faint but sweet memories within him, but the measure suggested aren't there in their in the memory, which either leads the person ending up questioning the very existence of God or taking up the measure blindly, which is called atheists or theists, but it isn't that some objects to what the other is/has felt, but the thing is that they both tend to have failed to experience which was so near and part of them.

Now just before signing off this article,I would be leaving you with a food of thought, if the measures or principles of preaching, in all or any religion, were so significant in their existence, then how was the primitive man, who used to dwell in caves, used to eat uncooked meat or didn't had ghee to light up the lamp or didn't had time to check for the Azaan, or didn't had wine to offer during the mass on Sunday's( as this in itself leads to another question, how did he find which day, Sunday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday) was able to qualify to be a sage, peer, or Son of God.

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