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Do you see the weed in the seed

There is a huge possibilities in with the humans as humans happen to be one of the creations of the almighty, who tend to have the lower limits but there is no upper bar for the possibilities to be restrained ever, may be this is one of the major reasons that humans tend to remain un satisfied with what they have and always languishing to have more than already there in the basket.

Let's understand the scope of more, earths crust has 72% water, and the depth of the water source is dependent upon two things, as it always is with all the things, one is the floor of the ocean, river or even a pond and the second is the surface, now the floor cant be stretched any further (without any foreign intrusions, like digging further) but there is always a possibility of the surface to rise. Which means, may be we are measuring the accomplishment accumulation of more by the surface in reference with the depth, but what has elongated/stretched further, is the surface, which has been successful in rising more than the previous level. In the same manner, humans also have the tendency and the capability of rising more than they already have accomplished, like, a adolescent child, has no knowledge about the language, and it depends upon the ability of the teacher, what all can be taught to that child, so the teachings are not dependent upon the student but more on the capability of the child, like you aren't too successful in teaching academics to your child, whereas the teacher with the same biological permutations is able to communicate things with much ease and comfort, hence we assume this point to be conveyed, that more is the possibility, but the limits may be at the source.

As each mango seed has thousands and thousand of mangoes in it, but can we see that, the answer to which is “no”. Now lets explore the curtailing aspects who are holding us back from witnessing those numerous mango fruits in that small seed. The seed is made of a hard surface which is protecting but also curtailing the embryo. So the law of the nature, with the help of fertile land (this is the role of the teacher, to act as fertile land) makes the embryo break the hard surface and then blossom into a seedling and then so on and so forth till it becomes a fully grown up tree and when the season comes, it bears mangoes. Now lets, go back to where the journey of this tree started, from a small seed, but at that point of time, were those mangoes visible, no. If the mangoes weren't visible then, how come they are there now, the answer to this, the possibility to grow and grow further, is what makes that seed take the route to become a tree, and then from a tree to a large and then to larger one.

As it’s a well known fact, that all the mango seeds don't blossom into a tree or a fruit bearing one, but all the possibility of becoming into one, then what are the things which make the difference, as each seed each human is possessing the ability to blossom. The teacher/fertile land is one of the major thing, which decides upon, inspite of having all the capabilities, only a few make it to the top. Like even a stream and a pond, is made up of water as is the case with rivers and oceans, then what is the thing which makes one to be minute and the second to be huge, the difference is the ambience which decides upon the water accumulation ability.

This is the case with the things which are solemnly dependent upon nature and don't reserve the right to alter their fortune, but a human is not exactly like them, a human can expand and can attain bigger and better horizons, if it comes in sync with its qualities. Astrology which has sadly been curtailed to only fortune telling, reflects the individual in its entirety, and when limitations and possibilities are known before hand, than the chances of excelling are brighter than ever, as one can work to strengthen the weakness and enriching the strengths. The need to engage with the powers within, can open up newer windows and paths for achieving, which may one can only fantasies upon. The inner energies can be used to manifest what one desires too (of course there is reference and relevance of ambience and the launching pads), but a human has enormous ability to do what he intends to, like the conceptualisation of the ability to fly without wings, led to invention of aircrafts, and the ability to swim in water led to invention of swimming strokes, ships and so and so forth. But, all the seeds aren't of the mango tree likewise all the humans don't have the similar abilities to achieve the same thing, but they have the ability to excel in the field in which they are naturally blessed to excel in, as some do well in business whereas the others are outstanding in their jobs.

The science which corresponds well with the human exploration is astrology, which has different forms in almost all the primitive systems around the world. In order to be successful and happy, one must be aware of ones strengths and should move towards making and enhancing them.

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