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Art and Craft of Life

Duality in plurality

All of our emotions, which start from the feel of joy to agony, to laughter to sadness, even the very basic of the feel/understanding our physical body, the feel and understanding and also the response to them, is based on “reference”, which means, there is also another scale which is alien to us or the emotions is used to measure to calculate the intensity of the emotion which has just come our way or is being experienced by the individual at any given instance.

This “reference” or the scale, is the driving force to us to comprehend how to react to the thing which has just now occurred, like if there is a hike in the salary, then it is always in reference to what the other colleagues have got, or it is in reference to the earlier drawn salary, why is it so, that a event or a thing which is new in its nature and occurrence is being understood on the basis of something, which is now part of history.

It is not just that the things sum up here itself, the very moment of joy of hike in salary is followed numerous moments of despair when it is learnt that our colleague has fetched more than the individual in question, or if the colleague has fetched less than the individual, tends to have more of emotion of victory than of joy, as the presumptive adversary/enemy has been defeated, and even in this the individual is sailing on the emotions of “reference” as victory and defeat, are reference based words.

These emotions, when based on references are so much in circulation, that they have now become, “new normal” in today’s societies, and any individual trying to evade them, is supposed to be no progressive, as using the word “dumb” would be too harsh. But, all the people, who are living with or levying their emotions on the pretext of “reference”, often tend to short live their emotions, of joy as it tends to get diminished when the scale is used and the”reference” comes into fore, but are too keen and adamant to long live the emotion of hate, which in reality is more disturbing to that individual than to the one, towards whom the emotion is targeted to, and in if these kinds of emotions are kept too long with, the individual who is nurturing them disturbs the inner being and later these disturbances are often reflected to the physical body and ooze out or pop out in form of diseases in the physical form (as the damages done to the astral body are yet to be diagnosed by physicians, so would sound too be more philosophical to mention them), and then these “references” take the front seat, which does more damage to the physical body, which are then dealt with bombarding the body with foreign chemicals, called as medicines, but no significance is drawn to the root of the issue, which is “reference”.

This “duality” of comprehension to the “plural” happening, is making the lives of the humans end up in despair, during the major chunk of living, and the humans who are supposed to be the most evolved beings and are said to be on the top of the pile of creation on Mother Earth, are living lives of a slavery to their “references”, and as it is to be, slaves are neither happy nor prosperous.

The reason for the man in the caves to be evolving into society and then moving on from the caves to making of its own habitats, was also governed or driven by some or other kind of stress, but that stress, yielded in something, which is supposed to make the lives of the humans better and more comfortable, and as the case is supposed to be, the present generation of humans who are dwelling the planet, are more supposed to be more comfortable than the people who were its inhabitants two or three decades ago.

But inspite, having better measure of living, better things more to eat, lots of dreaded diseases have been conquered, but still the quality of the life of the individual is in retrogression phase inspite, new accessories being added to it. The reason to it, as it is in present set up of the modern and developing societies is, the “reference” which has undermined the existence of the individual to such an extent that there is no progression if it isn't better to someone, and there is no joy if it isn't in context with something not achieved, why is it that the joy of being “alive” has taken over the quest of earning or making the “living” better, as irrespective of what position you hold or the command one may enjoy (as in the preview or understanding of others), the emotion of joy/solace or bliss (which is too far a distant feel) is solemnly dependent upon the individual and is experienced within, and this is an independent emotion which is not having a standing based on “reference”.

To make the life beautiful, is a good marketing punch line, but can anyone make life better than it is? Is a question, which I would like the reader to comprehend for itself, as can anyone make a rose better than what it is, it has its own structure of thorns and fragrance, minus either one would make it incomplete.

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