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Planets and Their Effects

Moon in various houses; its Effects

Moon in horoscope corresponds to mother, mind, softness, generosity, love and pleasures.

Moon in the first house

Moon when is placed in the first house in ones horoscope, it is believed to be good in most of its doings. The native is very sensitive and is imaginative and find its hard to stop thinking or contemplating, and is restless. When the moon is waxing, not so positive, then the above mentioned qualities are less.

When moon is ascendant, the person is beautiful, rich but are delicate in their nature and doings. If the moon is in Taurus, Aries or cancer, the native will be rich and wealthy and enjoys worldly pleasures. In Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius one is stable, less sexual, noisy, rash and about money matters, few worldly pleasures of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, one is proud vain, considers himself adapt in all learning and is shy while in public or attending public gathering.

Moon in the ascendant, the native likes change of the surroundings, profession, residence and employment, other things which directly or indirectly affect the life or the mood of the native.

Moon in the second house

Imparts prosperity which is both physical and nature. The native, gets easily attracted towards other women/men, the native experiences changes in finances with the change in the moon, and is generally successful in business then in job. The native is weak in digestion and there is often case of loss of appetite.

When moon is in the second house and is feeble, there is loss of inherited property and there is obstruction in accumulating wealth and there are often cases of issues with earnings. But if moon in the second house, and is strong, then the native in aspect or is aspected by some favourable planet, the native will be rich, but will give bad affects like loss of wealth to sister or daughter.

Moon in Taurus or cancer gives wealth, but not without its negative affects. The amount of effort for success is less when moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius. This position of moon is not supposed to be too favourable, but in some of the cases, it has been witnessed that inspite the negative affects, the native is prospering.

This house is significant, that while evaluating wealth, income.

Moon in the third house

Reflects that the native would be putting a lot of effort to achieve success in earning . But the native is happy in nature, and is highly learned , and hold a powerful position. Intuitive power is very strong in such a native.

If moon is placed in a malefic sign then the native will be talkative and would be damaging for brothers. If placed in beneficial sign, then one lives a carefree life and if moon is in its own sign or in exaltation, one is wealthy fond of learning and enjoying the life.

Afflicted moon will cause accidents in journeys, fickle minded, sensitive and one postpones planned journeys. There may be break in education, especially during the higher studies.

Moon in the fourth house

Moon, is taken as depicting “mother” of the native, when in the fourth house, there is great affiliation with parents and the change in the residence is also a regular feature. The native, who has moon placed in its fourth house, gains lot from parents, from the opposite gender and is very attractive, however the quest for the money and accumulating it, would require great endeavours and tireless efforts. The native, will be of happy nature, and there would be huge rise in life, both as in regard fame and professional aspects are concerned. The early years of such a native, would be struggling but later on, the luck would click.

Moon when in cancer, can be summarised as “born with silver spoon” and will enhance and give longevity to ones mother’s life, but if the moon is waxing and/or is in conjunction with a malefic planet, then the native will have exactly the opposite of the above mentioned traits.

When moon in fourth house is in Taurus or Capricorn, it brings separation from ones dear, if the moon is full and is in masculine sign indicates house of construction, property and advent of good luck from mother or after marriage. Moon of Aries, leo, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in the fourth house shows more happiness after marriage or death of parents.

Moon in the fifth house

Fifth house stands for children speculation, enterprise, gain, and love affairs. Generally the moon in the fifth house indicates a native is patient, gentle, rich, handsome, healthy, fond of opposite sex, emotional, prosperous, reputed and blessed with obedient sons. It give more daughters than sons when it is, not so strong or in enemy sign.

Full moon gives happiness, sons, faithful and devoted wife, if lean though strong or in enemy sign, native has wife but no sons or grandsons. If lean or associated with malefic the daughter are coquettish.

When moon is in Gemini or Pisces gives twins, gains through wife.

Moon in the sixth house

It is not taken to be a good position for moon to be. Sixth house, as per astrology is the house which represents, enemies, injuries, accidents, diseases, affiliation, maternal uncles.

If moon is in its own sign, or is conjunction with some benefice, then there is all round success. Generally moon when in sixth house, imparts bad affects on the native, specially on the nervous system and suicidal tendencies are large.

Moon in the seventh house

Gives good look, the native is loved by opposite sex and extremely lovely but of changeable affection and of variable nature. The native is male is ruled by wife and is mostly travelling, and if in women’s horoscope it indicates union with other person having qualities of change, and she is often liberal, and physical association is normally followed by formal interactions.

Moon is seventh house, often reflects more than one marriage. The native will have charm of luck, till the partner is alive, fluctuations in career, profession and wealth are associated with moon when in this house.

The native should avoid any and all kinds of litigations when moon is in the seventh house, as such measures would result in loss. If moon is in bad affliction will cause disharmony, if moon is in bad aspect to mars, will cause enemies, not so soothing voice and irritating actions, when adverse to Saturn will result loss and disappointment in partnerships, but if favourable, it will give all the success and luck.

Moon in the eighth house

Like the sixth house, it is not taken to be a good place for moon to be. As the eighth house is the house which depicts death, legacies, interest in occult sciences and diseases of private parts.

If moon is well aspected it will indicate rich, intelligent, powerful and life full of enjoyment. Psychic and occult experiences, gain in public life and finances through business or mother. In male it reflects early death of mother or wife and in females horoscope it indicates miscarriages. Moon if in cancer or Taurus then the native is long lived, else the native dies a early death.

If moon is in eighth house, it is highly recommended, native should be extra cautious and if reposes faith in astrology, then should take remedial measures.

Moon in the ninth house

Makes the native fond of travelling, and native may be living in foreign land. It makes the native prosperous, victorious and popular.

If moon is afflicted, then it would bring ill luck to the native, but if full and/ or in benefic conjunction, will bring lots of fame and luck to the native, and achievements would be very easy to get. If the moon is exalted and also full moon gives many young brothers, but will be living separately, and feel and warmth would be changing.

An afflicted moon in the ninth house by Saturn or Ketu indicates delay, sorrows or loss through travelling, religion, publication and partners relations. Afflicted by mars, accidents while travelling, if mercury is afflicting moon in the ninth house, there would be break in education, especially during professional trainings, the native would be unorthodox or over enthusiastic if afflicted by sun. Affliction with Venus causes romance, fond of adventure and liberal in religion.

Moon in the tenth house

It is a very important position for moon to be, by its position moon makes the native rich by all and every possible way. Public appreciation of such a native is always there, the native is ambitious and is attains a good position. The spouse of such a native is very beautiful, and will be easily attracted towards the other gender, and shall face many ups and downs in life.

If the moon is afflicted then the movement in life of such a native would be downwards, and will make the native lethargic and there would be huge opposition from the public.

If moon is in fixed sign, it makes the native devoted to his father and family. He is smart, contented and quite. One gets wealth and recognition from the state. Reputed and bold, connected with small gains, there would be gains from women in specific, and is firm in nature.

If moon has benefic aspects of sun, Venus or Jupiter one will have favours, success, prosperity and popularity.

Moon apart from being in Taurus, is negative for the parents in all the other zodiac signs.

Moon in the eleventh house

Which is the house of honour, fame and profession, ambitions and responsibilities and other luxuries of life.

People having moon in their eleventh house, are frank, tactful, beautiful, always surrounded by friends or is fond of company, but is choosy.

If moon is waning, in depression sign or in the sign of malefic or enemy planet, native is deprived of all the pleasure and gains. Is mostly struggling with ones health.

And exalted moon grants favours, and makes the native learned, but has children after long time of marriage.

Moon in the twelfth house

Makes the native in love with occultism, mysteries and romantic. The native would be more into intel services or would be adopting a profession like espionage. But would be struggling for respect from the society and would also be encountering insult than appreciation.

If full moon or is in friendly sign, then the native would be making gains in the foreign lands, from agriculture life long happiness. If is in Pisces or cancer, the native will be blessed with sons.

If moon is in masculine sign, then the native would be debt ridden and would be finding it difficult to pay back the debts.

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