Planets and Their Effects

Moon in various houses; its Effects

Moon in horoscope corresponds to mother, mind, softness, generosity, love and pleasures.

Moon in the first house

Moon when is placed in the first house in ones horoscope, it is believed to be good in most of its doings. The native is very sensitive and is imaginative and find its hard to stop thinking or contemplating, and is restless. When the moon is waxing, not so positive, then the above mentioned qualities are less.

When moon is ascendant, the person is beautiful, rich but are delicate in their nature and doings. If the moon is in Taurus, Aries or cancer, the native will be rich and wealthy and enjoys worldly pleasures. In Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius one is stable, less sexual, noisy, rash and about money matters, few worldly pleasures of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, one is proud vain, considers himself adapt in all learning and is shy while in public or attending public gathering.

Moon in the ascendant, the native likes change of the surroundings, profession, residence and employment, other things which directly or indirectly affect the life or the mood of the native.

Moon in the second house

Imparts prosperity which is both physical and nature. The native, gets easily attracted towards other women/men, the native experiences changes in finances with the change in the moon, and is generally successful in business then in job. The native is weak in digestion and there is often case of loss of appetite.

When moon is in the second house and is feeble, there is loss of inherited property and there is obstruction in accumulating wealth and there are often cases of issues with earnings. But if moon in the second house, and is strong, then the native in aspect or is aspected by some favourable planet, the native will be rich, but will give bad affects like loss of wealth to sister or daughter.

Moon in Taurus or cancer gives wealth, but not without its negative affects. The amount of effort for success is less when moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius. This position of moon is not supposed to be too favourable, but in some of the cases, it has been witnessed that inspite the negative affects, the native is prospering.

This house is significant, that while evaluating wealth, income.

Moon in the third house

Reflects that the native would be putting a lot of effort to achieve success in earning . But the native is happy in nature, and is highly learned , and hold a powerful position. Intuitive power is very strong in such a native.

If moon is placed in a malefic sign then the native will be talkative and would be damaging for brothers. If placed in beneficial sign, then one lives a carefree life and if moon is in its own sign or in exaltation, one is wealthy fond of learning and enjoying the life.

Afflicted moon will cause accidents in journeys, fickle minded, sensitive and one pos