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Art and Craft of Life

The concept and Significance of Food, on Body and Nature

Food, which is one of the basic constituents to sustain and smoothly run life, is one of the thing which has not been awarded the true relevance and colour which it rightly deserves. Food which is commonly understood to be something which can fill the belly or be rich in nutrients for the body to develop, and there is nothing more which is associated with this vital constituent for the life to dwell, and to dwell in the rightful manner and in the rightful way. Food, which can range from basics to highly specific, has a role to play not only for the body but also the way the internal energies, dwelling inside the body would enact, upon the release of energy which would happen the chemicals inside the body break the food into consumable state, as the body doesn't differentiate to break and react to venom from juice, it tries and succeeds in giving it best to break the supply and then this broken chemicals then react to the body, which of course is life threatening in case of venom. The nature of the food, its preparing procedures and also the person who has prepared that food article determines the end result, of the affect of the food on the human body (which is actually the after effect, which happens after the the said food article has already impressed the energies by itself), would be determining almost the entire manner in which the life of the particular individual would be. Food is not just the source of energy, but is plays a pivotal role in determining the success and the failures, ease or struggle, comfort or displeasure, are some of the feelings which a individual normal experiences.

In Hindu religion or belief system, there is lot of relevance given to the kind of food, how it is procured and who has prepared, and the details of the constituents of the articles used in making a certain curry, are also considered and are specifically designed. These designs can be understood broadly to be based on astrological placement of various planets, or how different are the energies placed and are naturally behaving in that particular person. As there are so many people who are struggling to make the basics ends meet, whereas there are few others who are kind of having a cake walk, both in comparison. Is for the basic reason of the nature and the behaviour of the internal energies, which is there within the individual, as there are measures, often referred to as remedies in astrology, which has a very wide scope, ranging from stone therapy, to mantra reverberations and to add to this list, or to make it public is the remedies which are based on nature of food, which a person is consuming.

There are several debates, on whether these remedies are true or relevant or not? Let's try and figure out, by self answering a simple question, why some people are able to make it big in a particular profession/business whereas the others aren't? What is it, that determines success?

If effort and wisdom are the answers, which you are trying to project, then do you feel, that you lagged them to the one who succeeded? No, its not so, its not only these two tools, effort and wisdom, but their right use at the right time and on the right spot, which was missing which led to failure. The right time, right spot and right use, is determined by the pulse which is administered by the body, like when, where and how to strike/approach, this pulse is driven by the internal energies, as what we conceptualise is based on our understanding or the comprehension as drawn by our energies. As this write up, in itself is not holding any meaning, but its meaning is being drawn within you, and depending upon your stability of internal energies, the conclusion would be drawn within you, and/ or which may/will differ from your closest friend reading it, and also can/may/will have different meanings when you would have different moods (again which is based on the particular instance of the internal energies)

As expressed above, it’s the internal energies which define us, and as the word “energy”in itself is self explanatory that it is built up, changes form from one to another, but is definitely which is present (the intensity, value or significance is variable) but is open/exposed to altering. This altering of the energy, is also governed by the source or the catalyst to the energy, which is food. The nature of food, will define the way your energies will be behaving, their pattern of movements and the corresponding results, as it would cause on you and your surroundings.

Its advisable to consume the food which would be relaxing your over worked brain, heart and other organs, not to have something which would be further exciting it to the damaging levels.

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