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Attachment: is it an issue

There have been many a teachings by several spiritual leader of how to undermine and overcome the “attachment”, as this is the first thing which is shared by any spiritual leader and is marked as a hinderance towards the scope of attaining solace, and the term “detachment” is introduced in the lives of the people who are either in the form of the audience listening carefully to that lecturer. But there has been carrying forward on this topic and the reasons of attachment aren’t explained, and the process of not being attached to someone with flesh and bones the attachment is diverted to the being, which has not been seen even the orator himself, but the attributions of profitability are articulated which allure the individual or the conglomerate of the assembled ones, which means the attachment is not taken off, just with whom it is, gets changed, as the dissecting brain of the human, feels better profitability of having those emotions with “GOD” or the lecturer than the individual who was holding the post earlier.

But, the person the individual had gone there for the eradication of the problem, which is there for the reasons unknown to the individual itself, but by the laying of the words as expressed by the lecturer, the point of agreeing is attained, that all what is wrong is due to attachment and this attachment is the cause of all the miseries and despair which is occurring in the life of specific individual or in general with the conglomerate. There has no mention, to make the audience realise why did they, in each of the their specific lives, reach to the emotion termed as attachment, there is no explanation as laid which would explicitly show the reasons, but the target of attachment is changed, which in some physiological weaker people, tends to strike. The author doesn’t undermines the relevance of adopting “bhakti” as a tool of stimulating the hidden energies, but would definitely submit, is it a real solution, as the weakness or vulnerability, would remain, till the time there is cure for it or at least the reasons become clearer for this kind of emotion to be there.

The author would not like to state any reason, which may try to impress upon the thoughts of its readers, but would definitely ask its readers to see, what can be the probables of having any attachment. Lets try and dig into the reasons of why there is attachment or what is start point of this emotion to get introduced into the lives of the humans and how and where this measure is adopted, of course in unsaid manner, but is adopted. The child who has no understanding of any relation, an infant who is adolescent, and has no idea about who’s who and their importance or relevance in his/her life, but knows how to react and act when the mother of the child extends herself for him/her to feed and satisfy the hunger, this process stretches to the times when the child showers smile towards the person by recognising it by face and odour, which is the start of first attachment, of the child towards anyone apart from his/her survival needs. Lets explore this episode first before taking more complex ones, the reason for the child shall not be understood there is sudden spurge of emotions of divine love or something similar, but even the child who is adolescent in all other worldly measure and etiquettes, but is aware, that this person provides me comfort which I am unable to have on my own, this very genesis of having some kind of comfort, which is not possible by oneself, is the reasons for all other associations followed by attachments which happen in the lives of each and every individual. The sense of security, which may be either in the form of family, friend, spouse, children and even identification with the country (especially when you are in the foreign land, and you happen to come across a fellow countrymen), are probables of attachments, the feel of vacuum or discomfort within the individual is the primary reason for the individual to reflect the emotion of attachment towards the other, and when this attachment is not reciprocated in and with the same frequency, a certain kind of discomfort or friction evolves, as your need to have the association is sufficed by having a certain person, but that person can be languishing for some other kind of comfort which may not be possible in your capabilities, thats when there is unrest in the association which leads to the thoughts of terminating that one and making another one, which due to socio economic reasons may not be possible, and rift widens, disturbing the already perturbed beings further. The reasons of providing cash, share in property and cut in the earnings for the divorced wife, has been marked in all the faiths and religions, and now in the west the child can also seek divorce from its parents with the economic assurance as guaranteed by the law of that country. This all has been done, to have end to the associations who aren’t fulfilling each others needs, and hence there is no “attachment”amongst two individuals, most individual adopt of having humans as company to over come loneliness, the others adopt other measures, like adopting a pet, child , watching movie or even to taking recourse with drugs, which would take them away from the feeling of loneliness, this loneliness in specific, can occur even a crowd, when there is none who is kind of familiar or accepting. The author doesn’t intends to hint, even minutely that there is something wrong in having these or any kind of associations, but the thing which definitely deserves your attention is, total dependence on any association, may it be for work specific or emotion specific, and that too when the openess of discovery of oneself in context to the other participant, is it there, is there the value of truth the scope or opportunity to realise the lacking and are there are measures undertaken to overcome them and the author would recluse itself on triggering any impressionable synthesis, but is trying to engage its reader to think, is it possible to live in isolation, is isolation a contemporary to solace? But one really needs to understand, the scope and provisions of having associations for weaknesses, or would it be better to overcome the weakness instead of creating another for taking care which would still be existing? As the seers of the primitive world lived in mostly in isolation, but were there to stay rules and systems for the societies to follow.

The author, would earnestness its readers to introspect wisely and truly, the reasons of having any attachment with anyone, doesn’t the need for security or comfort or company, are the landing grounds on which the questions rests?

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