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Why is there disparity in happiness

There always have been a question, which has been posted to me by my readers and also during the live interactions by my audience towards me, which is, why some people are happy and the others are sad. This question has always been holding the centre stage in each and everyones life, irrespective of where they are, what they do or even to what so ever faith and religion they may associate themselves with, but it always remains the point of concern and gruesome worry for all. Before the author urges its readers to dwell into the reasons of why this is there, the author is hinting for the very existence of this kind of emotion which has led to such a kind of question to come up, which the author would like to resolve with its readers along, is there the reason of absence of certain materialistic things which has led to this thought, or is it with the scarcity of the basic constituents for survival like food, water, which has led most of them struggling with such connotation for their lives, or is it itself, as the question is leading us, that it is in perspective to someone else, a different individual, who according to this questioner, is better equipped or better placed than itself.

Before trying to explore this so called disparity, with the quantity, quality and the intensity of happiness, lets try and figure out the emotion which is “happiness”, what is it and how is it so relevant and paramount in everyones life, is it a natural product which is there, or is it a synthesised bi product which is formed after, or in other words reaction to some event which has already taken and later this emotion pops up, Is there any natural feeling of happiness, yes, if we may start with a positive and accepting note instead of proving it like a mathematical equation, where the start can be to prove the equation to be wrong.

Any kind of accomplishment by the self or by someone who is emotionally close to the subject, and also there is some kind of contribution by the subject, then there is a kind of emotion, which can be said to be happiness, which is philosophical way can be said a certain boost to the “ego”, but not undermining the kind of feel generated by associating the emotion of ego onto it, but there is definitely a feel of pleasure, comfort and pride, which is termed as “ happiness”, which if we go by the way this emotion has been there, is by a end result or a bi product of different thing which happened in the past and when the result of that thing was realised and known, then this emotion has come up, which summarises that happiness is not a individual entity but a bi produce of something but more importantly due to the understanding of the result of the event. Which again takes us to the question, by which the write up started, of how some people have it more and the others have less, and by the summary as just drawn, it means some people have more events happening in their lives and for the others, the carnival of life is having lesser shows, but is it really that way, as in life it is all the same, same number of heart beats per minute same number of breaths, same anatomy, same principles of life and same principles for death too. Which leads the author to engage its reader with a question, in all its sobriety, does your life has lesser occurrence of events in your life than in comparison to the one which is supposedly more happier than the questioner, or is the results of those events which is transcending into?

If the reader is still anxious for the answer, but have reframed the self question, of how and why is there a difference in the results of the events as in comparison to how they manifest for the others, but don’t we sense there is an issue with the manner in which the event has been approached and how it has unfolded as in comparison with the other. Lets take philosophical route of making the thing better understanding, the length of the Dress is dependent upon the availability of the thread, the nature of the thread is defines the dress, like if a silk thread is used then the dress is of silk and same holds true if there is use of cotton thread or any other kind or nature, which makes there is some issue of nature of energy within the individual and its approach, which makes the disparity in the result and also on its bi product, “happiness”. The author refrains from laying any judgement or suggestion which could be impressionable in its being, but would appreciate its reader to think, Wont it better, if the individual approaches the thing, without emphasising on the result instead of laying its emphasis and concentration of the execution of the event, as the author would like to question, if any thing done with concentration of energy yields better results automatically then done recklessly, as driving a car with concentration apart from saving from accidents also saves the car from bumps and enhances the mileage then if the same distance and area is driven recklessly in the same car.

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