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The "Doctor" within

The human race is always been struggling with one or another kind of distress, either it may be physical, emotional or physiological, irrespective of the nature, but there has been something which isn’t the way it has to be, either the body by virtue of its various organs or by emotional body which could be suffering huge uncontrolled swings between happiness, grief, and emptiness or physiological body which is generating pulsations which are beyond the control and understanding of the self, but irrespective, of what is the reason, but hardly has been any day with most of the readers, that the day has been the way in the manner as it was meant to be, which is comfortable in its being and existence. The reason for these uncontrolled upsurge and flow of the waves, which has been since the medieval times promoted the thought and the need for humans to explore a respite, may it be in form of medicines, which too have been changing their appearances, from herb and nature based to the synthesised ones, the latter known as the modern or the allopathic medicines, in which the subject the body is exposed to some known and mostly unknown chemicals, to the individual, as the stability of either of above mentioned constituent structures of the human skeleton, is attained or is endeavoured to be accomplished.

But the author would urge its readers, to think, what is it that take cares of these things, when they are in order or we can rephrase the question, what where is missing which is cause of this sickness or illness, in case it is for the structural body? Or have the readers have heeded to comprehend, if the chemical composition of the medicine is unknown to you, how is it that your body knows what that chemical is and how it is meant to observe it conduct after the induction of that chemical into the body?

Lets try and explore, what is it that knows all those chemical compositions and also knows how and what to change and to what, after the induction or supply of that chemical, as what is being consumed or administered, is not known to all and everyone, assuming its not only the doctors who would falling sick, a statement made in lighter vein, then how come the body of a medicine subject illiterate also knows how to react with the medicine after its administration to the body?

The author would abstain, leaving any kind of impression or dictate its readers to obey, but would like to lay certain artefacts and would recluse itself, and let the topic be dribbled by the reader to its conclusion, as what may be best suitable for the reader. As to the doctors, physicians of today or medicinal masters of the past, a certain lag or lacking behaviour within and by the body results, in all and any kind of illness or sickness to be there, which can also be read as, that the body failed to naturally release a certain kind of chemical(s) within, and this lagging of the body to secrete or release that chemical is met by either directly bombarding the body with that specific chemical, as in case with allopathic medicines, or stimulating the body by virtue of herbs, shrubs or other natural constituents, who enact in association with the body, and release the desired chemical for the normal functioning of the body.

Apart from the above mentioned modes and methods, the author, would also like to take its readers on more primitive way, which is associated with the east, which of lately been also accredited by the west, which makes the fact into “truth”, the method of gemmology, which has been accredited by the concept of “VIBGYOR” and in this like the above mentioned, a external object is placed or worn, which results in stimulating a specific organ or certain mood and the lag of the body to secrete chemically is substituted by external aid.

Digging deeper into history of the man kind, there is yet another method by which well being is attained, and this method has grasped large volumes in the scriptures of the east, and now the professionals of the west are also accepting its relevance and trying to figure out, more easier ways of how to perform or achieve the results, apart from the disciplines as mentioned in the those scriptures, “The Vedas”, by its method narrates how a body is capable of healing itself by undertaking certain measures. The author, would like to take its readers for de tour and reproach the subject in specific later, there are around 5 million new cells formed everyday in a any human being, and each of this cell is capable enough of taking the uncontrolled way, this process is known as cancer, but the body apart from generating these new cells is also generating a chemical which is keeping the multiplication of these cells in controlled and regulated manner, so that the production of the body is aiding in the well being of the body, not making it sick instead, if we go deeper, even the formation of the new cells is controlled by certain secretion of chemical, which is absent results in absolving of the tissues, which means the body of the person is dissolving by itself, now entering the main subject again, that there are measures as mentioned in the vedas, by which each and every person can achieve well being, provided they are performed in their correct tone and texture. The methodology of hymes called mantras, meditating on the organ which is responsible for the secretion of that chemical along with reciting specific stimulators, are few and summary of how to undergo or endeavour, or approaching the “doctor” within. How ever the author would not like to summarise any further for its to be impressionable, but would appreciate it the readers could earnest by drawing their own logics by this write up.

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