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Limitless but yet Private Limited

All the religions and faiths, including the masters who claim to have solved the mysteries of the cosmos as how and why life is this way in the planet and also narrating fairy tales of the lives in other dimensions (if it may be so), have been talking and explaining what is it which is triggering life and also tagged connotations to the thing which happens to “leave” when the living is dead, and for explaining the reason for the thing to “go/move on” (if it really does) is expressed as time over, but the author would like its readers to sit back and think, if there is a thing which really moves on/goes, what is the reason for it to decide or choose to move on? Well there are ready made answers also provided, that it is there for a defined period and then it takes on other dimension, as in accordance to the deeds as performed in this form, which again, as a chain reaction, takes to another question, if everything is so well defined then where is the scope of the person to decide of which and how to perform a deed?

Is there really something in that nothing (as 99% of the cosmos is comprised of no molecular energy, which means there is no form or dimension) which is defining the movement of these molecular structure, 22 trillion galaxies, constellations and stars, and our beloved earth being a micro spec in this 1% of the molecular representation of the cosmos. So there is really something who would be so emphatic upon deciding our lives its patterns and structures, or is it something too close that it has become insignificant for us to take its cognisance? The author would urge its readers to try and give a thought for the same, without clinging on to the narrated fairy concepts, by keeping in view that irrespective whether a person is aware of the reasons of the ailment, whether the person is doctor or not, the infection would behave in the same manner, like wise whether one is aware of how and what are the energies responsible for death or death like situations, the feel of the happening would remain the same. The renowned of the doctors have also died and so have the best of the masters of spirituality, which leads the author to think along with its readers, then what is the difference which one attains by the adopting the spiritual path, is there something which changes?

The author would like to plunge into this along with readers, and try to find a logic (if it may be logical to the present intellectual structure of the intellect), what is it which develops when the spiritual path is adopted and those systematic hymns are recited and repeated, do they lead to any change in the system, and if so, where is the change in the macro or the micro level. Lets take an evident and popular example which would draw us, the author and the readers, to the lines of journey without displacement, the journey within. There are many institutions, gymnasiums, which are guiding people to build up a good physique and have better muscular presentation on their bodies, but where do these muscles come from ( in normal course, else gelatine operatives are also an option), they come from within the person, which can be said these protruding muscles were always there within the person, but by adopting specific procedures, those dormant structures of the muscles have become active and have taken this form, likewise is there a “nothing” in everyone which is only realised when the procedures (vary from religion to religion, from faith to faith and from master to master) are expedited and its procedural enterprises are adopted, well it can be so, and author abstains from issuing any signatory remark, but would like its fellow readers (as the author is also reading while writing) to draw example from the above quoted body building quote, as every individual requires a specific set of exercise with a separate diet regimes for building up muscles, then how can the molecular behaviour be same, isn’t it a path which may seem similar to fellow on goers and the preceder, but leaves a vivid experience to each new dweller, which can be envisaged, amongst the many a people who are participating a religious gathering with utmost attention, they tend to have different shades of emotions after the procedural laying, as some cry, few are joyous, some tend to have relaxed to the extent of being sleepy and still others are energetic. Likewise, adopting the mode of meditation wouldn’t it also be leading to different structures of emotions, so how can there be same set patterns for deciding whether the participant is on the enroute or has taken a detour, the author would like to leave its readers with a thought, where do you go in meditation and how can there be one universal feel only?

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