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Making the reflection smile

Most of the procedures and the systems which are popular and are being nowadays promulgated for the achieving the better concepts and better feel in the life, are quite similar to make the image in the mirror smile instead of making the person carry one. The systems are based on observations as observed by either the sensory systems or injecting something into the intellect by taking refuge on “belief” systems, and in either of these (the above two are only for example, not to be taken as the summary of the entire demographics of what all is being done) are trying to make the feel the body happy or at peace, and no intent is being extended or remotely emphasised on the “nothing” which is responsible for making any of the virtues, peace and happiness, just being two flagged and populous ones, and is no wonder that most of the dwellers who are in quest, often end up “pondering” upon the end of the sessions, “is it this what was really intended….”. The author would simply like to state and urge its fellow readers to think of any way and measure, by which the image in the mirror can present a smiling face if the object whose image is being projected in the mirror doesn’t change its attribution?

Hallucinations, or being continuous fantasy of being at peace and happy at any and all given intervals of time is just synthesising the brain and inducing a foreign article into the system to release of the happy chemical “adrenaline” is not bad, but isn’t it similar to walk on the crutches with both the legs healthy? Why is it that a super imposed emotion be required for attaining a natural phenomena, happiness (just of the sake of example), of course our brain, has a natural ability of reacting and performing to the statement and situation, but making it work by defining guidelines, would that be fine. The author would like its readers to close their eyes and see and beautiful orange coloured sun setting along a calm sea, did you see that image after closing your eyes? But in reality you didn’t see it, the forced emotion, hallucination, as the reader is not by the sea and there is no sun set, but your brain just presented you with that colourful image, which doesn’t makes it real, lets take up another example before proceeding further. The technology nowadays has brought up a virtual visualisers, in which the wearer can see or play any game as if it is real, and if there is a program in which the wearer is taking a free fall from a high cliff or from an aeroplane, the emotions generated within the body, of fear thrill or exhausting, are in correspondence with the image which the brain is witnessing, but whereas the reality is altogether different to what the brain is being artificially made to undergo. Like wise, the modern school of thought, has been projecting the people with the feel of having peace and happiness, by training their brain and emotions, and not surprisingly people are experiencing each and everything which has been conveyed by the speaker or the master, during the course of the session or lecture. There are people who see colours, as laid by the conductor, while performing stimulation's of the energy centres of the body, the chakras, but author would like the reader to think is it possible for the retina (the lens of the eyes) to receive the image in reverse manner?

There are concepts, which have become popular (thanks to marketing Strategies) but somehow lack the austerity of their being, and these concepts are making the lives of the people more complex than it was before entering the arena, its quite similar to solving the entire matrix when being part of it. The author would like its readers to evaluate what is it, that they intend to seek and is it really possible to know that thing which is beyond the concepts of senses and intellect, while remaining within the ambit of either or both of them?

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