Relation of Chakras in reference with planets

Chakras are the energy centres in our body. The word “chakra” means “wheel”, which doesn’t means that these energy centres are in form of some kind of wheel, but as there is continuous flow of energy to and from them, which is both negative and positive in charge, so the connotation of wheel is associated. There are 114 chakras in any human body, but seven are paramount in their being, and these seven if activated to correct magnitude can trigger the stimulation and then corresponding activation of the rest 108. We have seven main chakras and each chakra is located on a plexus (centre of a network of nadi, a very thin sprout of the nerves, which is virtually invisible to the human eye). These energy centres are responsible for keeping our physical and mental aspects in balance, and are solemnly responsible for the understanding the “unknown”. This subtle system is the same in every human. What is different is how we use it and with what quality.

To simplify the things for the masses to have an idea of the deeper concepts, the sages have associated these energy centres with a certain planet (mainly because of its virtue and the associated affects thus caused by it, both in blocked/ malefic, activated/ open form). Birth charts, which are formulated according to our date and time of birth, show the aspects of these planets as in when we were born and how they correlate with each other. While our birth chart defines our spiritual, physical and mental aspects, it also helps us see how the planets shape us and affect our chakras and energy body. Right from the first movement done in mothers womb to be born, all the contours are just manifestations of these energies resonating with each of us. However, that moment of our birth spreads over our entire life and gives us the responsibility to use “that moment” to the benefit of all humans. Only we hold the chance to make that moment perfect. We can feel that our life is part of the universe as we get to know ourselves and balance our being.

The seven chakras within us is like a reflection of the entire cosmos and in it the solar system. In one sense, humans are a microcosmos of the macrocosmos. Therefore, universal energies symbolised with those of the solar system exist within us too. Now let us look at the correlation between the planets and chakras.

Our first chakra that is located beneath the spinal cord is called the Mooladhara or the root chakra. Mars, which is also the ruler of the sign Aries, governs this centre, the mooladhara chakra represents innocence, purity, pure childlike joy, wisdom, sense of direction and a strong connection with earth and life. If this chakra is strong within us, it gives us wisdom and decisiveness in our action, the ability to find the right direction in life and to make correct decisions. Among planets Mars represents friendly and kind physical strength and action. The energy of Mars is intense, natural and sometimes instinctive. Our action carries physical dynamism and courage with positive Mars energy. We live each day with the enthusiasm of a child and with fresh desire to discover life thanks to this energy. Mars rules a person’s private parts, apart from valour in astrology. Badly affected Mars takes a person to extremes. Similarly, the Mooladhara chakra governs the reproductive organs but its sensitivity is harmed due to extremes and things that are not innocent. We can feel the purity within us and have the desire to live accordingly as our first chakra becomes stronger.

Our second chakra, the Swadisthan, is located in our abdomen area and is ruled by Mercury. Mercury governs the signs of Gemini and Virgo in astrology. The most important function of this chakra is to break up fat cells in the stomach and provide the energy that is needed to renew white and grey cells in the brain. It also strengthens our thinking capacity. This chakra supports our sense of aesthetics and creativity in all fields. The ability to understand easily, come up with practical solutions to our problems in life and intelligence all come from this chakra. Mercury represents intelligence, the mind and creativity in astrology. Pure knowledge flows into our being from the Greater Consciousness with this chakra. Mercury serves as a bridge between the spirit, matter and mind. It rules fine arts and science. Strong Mercury energy in the birth chart can even connect the most complex thoughts and difficult concepts.People under the influence of this planet experience constant mental activity. This could give rise to an easily angered and impatient nature. The result is the same when we use the energy of our second chakra too much. A balanced Swadisthan enables a person to make healthy decisions with clear attention.

The third chakra is located in our stomach area, the Naval. This chakra represents satisfaction, balance, morality, generosity and the capacity to evolve. The ruling planet is Jupiter - the same as the sign that governs Sagittarius. Jupiter has a noble, generous, helpful and virtuous nature. It gives prosperity and increases everything – both good and bad. It is the planet of good luck. Our financial wealth is governed by this planet. Our third chakra gives us well being in both material and spiritual life. A good naval chakra makes us feel satisfied with what we have and helps us be very generous when necessary. The third chakra is like a house with two doors. Wealth enters through one door and spreads from the other, thus continuing the cycle. The universal energy provides us with all that we need and we do not ask for more. When it is functioning badly, Jupiter signifies an imbalanced and undecided personality. The person could indulge into fantasy and extremism in their thinking, up to the point of tyranny. The individual could incur debt and borrow without thinking. Such an energy would also make a person seek luxury. Jupiter governs justice, honesty, religion and philosophy. It can make a person moral, virtuous and honest by birth. Our naval chakra also represents these qualities. We manifest greater sense of justice and higher human virtues as this chakra develops. We seek spiritual evolution and ways to become better humans.