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Curing diseases by Vedic Astrology

The modern medicine since its evolution has been treating ailments of diseased person, and the basis of the cure prescribed is based upon foreign supply of chemicals (the constituents of medicines), which in actual sense means the chemicals which the body is not able to generate on its own are being bombarded externally, in the form of medicines. The author urges its fellow readers, to consider an example with facts (as proven by the modern science), there is generation 500 million new cells everyday in a human body, and each of these cells are controlled by a certain chemicals which are there within the body, and in normal course of time any person doesn’t even realises the kind of the generation and corresponding control which our body is performing, but if someday, there is cell within your body, which doesn’t gets controlled by those chemicals, or the body is unable to generate those chemicals which are responsible for controlling the generation of the cells, then there is an issue a real health issue, which is cancer, and for treating cancer foreign methods, like medicine, chemotherapy and various other methods are implied on the ailing body for treating a failure of the body to produce that “chemical” which it has been making since the birth of that person. The modern medicine has been able to cure many diseases, but has failed upon giving a 100% success rate for treating, and the reasons for failure are object ascribed as “late detection” of the ailment. However, the author isn’t aware of any practice which is 100% fool proof, but would like to draw the attention of its fellow readers on the statement of Hippocrates:

“He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool.”

Yes, by the virtue of Vedic astrology its is 100% possible to know even the physical and mental health of the person, of course depending upon the decree of the practitioner. In Vedic astrology there is elaborate comprehension of the person, health is one of the attribution to its magnanimous being. Just to apprise the readers, the author submits some of simplified contours:

▪ When any planet receives bad aspects like square (90 deg) and opposition (180 deg).

▪ When planets like, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Kethu, are placed (permanent or in during the transits) in houses like 6th house (place of disease), 8th house (place of longevity) and 12th house (place of death).

▪ When bad planets occupy the signs: Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

▪ When bad planets occupy the Ascendant (place of body, mind and soul).

▪ Death can be predicted when Sun, Moon and Ascendant - all the three are afflicted.

Planets and cause of death:

Sun: Heart, Sun-stroke, Eyes, Blood circulation, Spinal cord, Right eye in males and left eye in females.

Moon: Cold, pneumonia, breast related diseases, kidneys, Stomach, and Uterus related problems, Mania, Upset Stomach.

Mercury: Digestive system, nerves, Lungs, Speech related problems, Mouth, Tongue, Hands, Epilepsy.

Venus: Throat, neck, cheeks, skin, venereal diseases and reproductive organs.

Mars: Forehead, nose, muscles, male reproductive organs, piles, haemorrhage, injuries, burns, cuts, fevers, accidents, electric shock, suicidal tendencies.

Jupiter: Liver, diabetes, blood vessels, right ear, thigh, buttocks, obesity, problems due to excess-eating.

Saturn: General weakness, bony appearance, Teeth, bones, knees, joints, rheumatism, chronic diseases, asthma, lungs-related diseases, tuberculosis and skin-related diseases.

Rahu: Rahu is considered as equal to Saturn in Vedic Astrology. Rahu gives Leprosy, Cancer, diseases to spleen, poisoning, snake bite, bite of poisonous insects and creatures.

Kethu: Kethu is considered as equal to Mars in Vedic Astrology. Kethu gives hypertensions, B.P., Lunacy, allergies and infectious diseases. When Kethu is involved, the real disease cannot be diagnosed by medical equipment.

The same can be understood as in regard to the chakras, as has been explained in the previous article by the author.

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