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Who am "I"

Have you ever visited a book store, did you observe how aware is the sales person in the shop about the book, one just needs to utter the name of author or the name of the company which has printed it, and the sales person within no time is again across with the book in his hand. All this chronology has been laid, to reflect that the sales person has no value for the contents of the book, neither has any inclination of having so, but what all matters to him is the “price” of the book, which if taken in metaphor in spirituality, means there are so many people who aspire to seek spirituality path but their choice is based on the “best” selling one, or it is based that a certain known person has been following a particular master or path, the author would urge its fellow readers to answer truly to themselves, isn’t this the way that you decide, which is most popular one which in books (as the example drawn above) means “best”seller, and same as in books the content remains somehow similar (apart from re hashing it), but its just the marketing which makes it better. Does any of the fellow seeker, ever thought, is there anything about me which the other knows better than me.

The author doesn’t wants to demean any of the master, but would like to draw the attention and integrity of the fellow reader, towards itself, as the author is yet to find two person with similar kinds of energy levels and it (the author) hasn’t seen a universal code for achieving, self. Yes, of course there are methods which are universal but there are unique ways (depending upon the existing energy levels, the chakras) to approach the subject, of “self”. The understanding of “self” as being popular, nowadays, is quite synonymous, to trying to bathe in the picture of the sea, yes of course, there is always a safety of not being drowned, but is there any real feel of how the water is and how it behaves? Similar are the techniques in which the follower is narrated, of how you would be feeling when taking this particular method of reaching out your “self”, but how can you reach or travel towards a thing which is already with and in you, or vice versa, (the choice of placement of the words is to be mercy of the reader). As in the earlier articles, the author has expressed, his understanding, of life and death, and how it is similar or there is no difference amongst them, kicking off from there, it is needless to mention that “self” can be realised by taking refuge of the senses (which are body dependent), which leads up to another question of how can the procedures of the placement of the body or regulation of the breath determine the concepts of “self” which remains before this “breath” was first inhaled (or exhaled) in the mothers womb and remains integral even after the last one ( not even the author is saying so but as in all religions and faith, the way to address the dead is “he/she moved on or moved to his/her heavenly abode) which means only the body is left, but there was something which dwelled within the body and is now not there anymore, which summarises the point, the “self” is independent of the body.

The author, before signing off this article, would like to ask the fellow reader, what do you say when you address fingers of your hand, obvious answer is my fingers, the same is said for various other organs, like my face, my torso, my chest, my legs and so on and so forth, but what is “my” as all these things belong to “my” but is the “my” known?

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