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Truth or just Hype

There are master all around articulating and answering all the questions, laying down the virtues of life and some even stretch their imaginations beyond life, as if they have travelled the path and are quite familiar with the terrain which is quite similar to google maps (which are normally engaged when in alien place), and there are ready made answers to each and every question which may be placed, and the scope of checking the varsity of the concepts which they are laying is suffocated with “belief” as the parameter. This is not only true for the masters of east or west but is holds its ground even for the messengers/ impressions of God, like the case of pope, and what they utter is by virtue of belief taken as the final statement and there is no iota of doubt in the minds of trillions and trillions of people who have just chosen the close their eyes and follow, the author doesn’t recluse itself from the list either.

But would like to draw the attention of the fellow readers, it is not bad to accept or perform what these masters tell you, but why is it that there are no questions asked for it? As a similar question was posed to the author during a interactive session, “ what is it which I will gain if I meditate”, which according to the author is a very genuine one, as we always enquire and should always do what is the gain of having the thing. Meditation has been promoted as evolving a “inner peace” a state of “solace” within you, but will this be any different from having the peace after having a hike in salary or having a difficult task accomplished, the answer to which (as per the author) is “yes”, as if there be comfort within you which is independent of the situation and the scenario, then come what may there is always an acceptance always a pleasure. Its changes nothing else just apart from realising the “self” in myself (the statement shouldn’t remotely be understood as disowning the body for the sake of the thing which isn’t even visible) but making truce within. Meditation doesn’t changes the way the life would be, it changes the conceptualisation of events. The author reflects this by an example,” its like walking the path from point A to point B with shoes” if you don’t meditate you walk this path and you again walk this path even if you meditate, because walking this path from point A to point B is the work of the body as there is need, to travel it, but the only difference which is primarily evident is how you walk this path, this difference of travelling the same path, is what meditation inculcates, as in the first instance the emphasis is of the travel from A to B but in the latter one its just a walk.

The author concluding that its readers would be aware of driving is laying down another example, when you are just learning to drive then there is release of the clutch in synchronisation with the shift in the gears and when you have learnt then it is synchronisation of the clutch with the shift in gear, so what has changed in either of them? It is just that the relevance to procedure has just come on its own and there is no feeling of accomplishment or joy, it is just a thing which is necessary for the vehicle to move on. The author would like its fellow readers to think, is there any difference amongst you and the master (who is dictating) when in a havoc, does the master by any means of facial or verbal expressions show his/her anxiety or anger? As there are masters all around who are spreading the message of being fear from all even death, but somehow have security guards for guarding their own lives, well anyhow this is not the concern of the author but was just laid as an example for its readers.

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