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Learning Meditation: Part 1

The author in its earlier articles has tried to clear the misconceptions as being thrown in the market, in the name of meditation, but in a series of the this and following articles would like to share methodologies which have been enshrined in the “vedic” scriptures. This being the first of the series, the author would like its fellow seeker to the concept mentioned in the earlier articles in which language was described as barrier between “me” and the “self”, which is so much into us that the “sound of silence” has lost its relevance, kicking off and addressing this “language” issue first, the author submits one of the techniques towards mediation.

There are many a religions and faiths in the world, leaving the newly evolved ones, the primitive religions through their scriptures have expressed the “paramount” importance of “silence” in the way towards realising self. The concept of silence and its relevance and the non displacement journey from the body to the spirit, can be understood by an simple example, the kind of relief in the body and the mood, which is experienced after a sound sleep after a exhausting venture. The silence from the outside and the “naad” (the spiritual and natural music which is ringing at all the times with each of us, and these musical instruments are just the extension of what is naturally within, as crutches are just an extension of the legs) within not only imparts physical energy but also stimulates the chakras within, due to this stimulation the chakras are able to clear off their blockages and the positive and negative charge (ingla and pingla in hindu concept, and yin yang in Chinese) flow freely within the body which further opens the path for the future course to be undertaken for the goal of “self” through “me”.

In almost all the concepts (as the author has experienced) there a procedure of making one being quite for defined period has been laid (this being quite is not only to the spoken language or words but also the time there is no self talking or no thoughts/fantasy drawn times), and how and what is to be done during this “mute” mode. Generally mornings are the best times to start with being silent ,as the body which has just woken up after gathering energy by virtue of sleep is fresh and is most receptive and also is the resonance of mother nature which is also witnessing the fresh sunlight after dark night, and all these factors combined make the initiative easy to be adopted.

The time the reader would wake up, just try not to tell anything to anyone and not even talk within ( don’t speak the time in the watch to yourself, this is laid as an example), and can carry executing the daily chores in the normal manner, but should be abstaining from uttering or speaking any word. The period of this exercise to be carried effectively, is entirely dependent upon the placement of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Moon in the natal chart of the person (as author in its earlier articles has already conveyed to its readers, astrology is not just about mere fortune telling, its the mathematical painting of the person), but if there are issues with the seeker in keeping quite for the satisfactorily, then having a sip(s) of water ( preferably of room temperature) would help to a large extent.

The author would like to mention, that the seeker shouldn’t be calculating the “silent” mode of by duration of time (as this is the initial step towards the thing which is not in the ambit of space and time) but instead evaluate it but the contentment of the thing, as is the case with food, it is never necessary to understand whether stomach is full or not by counting the number of servings consumed but it is the feel inside which defines when to stop.

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