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Learning Meditation: Part 2

As the author in the previous article has shared the steps leading towards mediation, this article kicks off from there, and the proceeds for the day are being mentioned.

After successfully attaining the ability of remaining quite for a certain period of time, the fellow seeker is advised to start having “feel” of the things which it is undertaking, this also includes the daily chores which the individual would be undertaking during the day.

The author, lays down the concept of “observation” for the fellow seeker to undertake as a process forward towards the goal of “self”. By the term “observation” the author means, that irrespective of what so ever you are doing, keep your focus on to the thing, and try to execute the undertaking chore with utmost attention, that is, keep your mind focused on the thing, like while reading this article, try and read it word by word, not jump to the next word without completing the first one. Initially it may seem that you are taking longer to complete a task, but even if you put a timer and compare, it would be taking the same time, the only difference is that you are able to stay longer with the thing than before, which is an exercise of taking control of your emotions and attention, which is flickering, called multi tasking when the same is done in mobiles.

Like the time you are eating your food or drinking something, just heed your attention on the eatable in your mouth, like which side of the wall ( the inner part of the cheeks) it has come in contact with which tooth is engaged and also try and follow the thing when it is swallowed and feel it slipping inside (like the feeling one has when drinking water after a long period). This further can be stretched to, walking. Try and place your foot on the ground/road/pavement, and be in control of it, try and feel the cushion of the shoe when it strikes against the ground.

By the above examples the author just wants to put across, that what so ever you are doing or even when not engaged in any physical activity, try to feel the thing.

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