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Anything religious about food?

There are many a teachings regarding the food, both the permitted and the prohibited cuisines, as propagated by the masters or the bearers of the torch, of those religions and faiths, which leads the author (along with readers) to plunge and reason out why (if so) the reasons for the prohibition on certain food articles and grant of approval for the others, is there really something religious about the food or is there anything deeper, which is not explained when the curtailing the cuisine is done.

The author (as even the readers would be) feeling the food which it is consuming and also the kind of energy which it secretes upon digestion, for explaining this the author lays a example, the taste of the belch which the person gets after consuming ice creme is different from when consumed something spicy, which take us to the point that may be both the food articles are consumables and are digested by the body, but the nature of energy released by and to the body, is different each other, of course both result in glucose eventually, but the constituents of that glucose vary. These facts (as proven by the modern science also mention and takes cognisance of it, thats why people experiencing heart related issues are advised to reduce their salt intake) leads the author to the point, that the prohibition of certain food articles can be due to the nature of the energy it releases, upon digestion.

As almost all the masters of the religions and faiths, have never claimed that theirs is the only path towards the almighty (leaving the terrorists) , and this has been mentioned in the scriptures of those religions too, that there are many a paths for reaching the ultimate, the almighty (expressed with different connotations, like Bhramn, Allah, God), which means only the approach/path is different but the goal is the same, as all the religions and faiths have different ways of preaching and different concepts who are defining the contours of preaching, which is quite similar to one going to a specific location and there are many routes to get there, but depending upon the route which you choose the nature of the travel, including the restrains and liberties which are mandatory to be observed while being on that route, like the traffic flow, nature of the road (whether broken or smooth) along with other vital factors defining that route, and if those factors are not observed then there is hardly any scope left for the person to reach the desired destination.

As all the religious practices have different sets of prayers and also different mannerisms to conduct them, which means a different kind of energy is released by the body ( as the concepts of prayers has already been elaborated by the author in its previous articles), and as the masters who laid the concepts of these religions and faiths, has studied the analogy of the body while conducting those specifics of the prayers, have enlisted what all is not conducive for the being if those procedures are undertaken.

The author would urge its readers to think, apart from the nature of the energy released, how is it possible that one kind (s) of animal, vegetable falls in the permissible and the others prohibited in following a certain path of realising the “self”.

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