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Identification- Crisis or Rescue

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The significance of the thoughts and the nature of the thoughts has been enshrined in scriptures of almost of the religions and faiths, and now the present day masters have been elaborative in their teachings to how and what thoughts do, both in the physical performance and the spiritual growth. The religious scriptures have been keen in their teachings in the key role which the thoughts play in the lives of the individual who has undertaken the spiritual path, and in all of the idioms, the narrative of making the venture of the path of spirituality has been explained, in most of the instances it has been overt and in the others it is also covert.

It is in these covert elaboration that the present day masters have tried to bridge, and put forth those systems understandable in common language, but unfortunately the ethos of those teachings have taken a distorted form, in which those things have been introduced which were not in the original form. Taking the example from Vedas and Kuran,in which there are measures of making the individual be free from “frills” and how the very basics of the mother nature were elaborated and marked as pious, and how these five elements were pivotal and the measures of adopting them and how to make the physical and spiritual progress be done by taking refuge from these five elements, and the teachings were to be one with these, which can also be understood (as per the comprehension of the author) to keep oneself devoid of any thought, which is neither to be evaluating the past or contemplating future. The education systems as were there during the medieval times weren’t hinting or promoting the student, to have develop the virtue of “grasping” but were based on the principles of absorbing the teaching.

One of the most popular concept which is common in almost all of the humans is “self talking” in which the individual talks with its own and tries to draw the entire details of the procedure or undertakings, and then drawing any conclusions (if one can) after the detailed conversation with itself. This process being so common in todays world and in its life style, even the modern day masters have been imparting ways to stop the “monkey mind” (as the connotation is defined) before undertaking any spiritual path. This process has not only remained for the spiritual path, but also has been adopted in other fields, like during physical training a music is employed to take away the attention of the brain from the work out to the music, which is said to enhance the work out time and ability of the body, its like sedating the brain so that it doesn’t feels the stress on the muscle, the author would not like to comment upon whether there is any gain by doing so or not, but would definitely like to draw the attention of its readers, will it be good if something comes as “thud” and isn’t channelised to come in smooth and gentle manner?

But sadly due to making their own marks on people, masters have jumbled up the clear things and presented them in a manner by which when laid to the audience and the followers, seems to have a tag of a special gift a thing which has been superimposed (which is metaphorical of not being natural part of the humans but has been grafted specially by the master and then presented), not undermining any of the masters or their wisdom, the author just wants to know has there be any instance when any of these masters have been able to give (as part of their special blessings)one extra breath to the dead, by the above statement the author doesn’t intends to undermine their magnanimity, but just wants to express the teachings of the scriptures in their raw and distorted view.

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