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What is the purpose of Life

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There is one question which daunts almost all the humans all the times, “why am I born or what is the purpose of life” this question stimulates the individual to seek help from a person who is supposed to have answers for all the things, in the spiritual path they are masters and the others who just for the sake for setting a new precedence ( this nature is the cause for wearing a different or newly designed dress) rubbish the existence of someone called “GOD” and take refuge of the findings of the modern science. In both the cases, there are several similarities, as the basis of both is dependent upon the findings or understandings of others and second they both work on belief (as the spiritual seeker believes to the words of the master and the skeptic believes the word of scientist) but in either of them the individual has not experienced it on its own, but just by believing or undermining its own capabilities, tends to make the inquest to rest with ready made answers, but is it really satisfied or does it haunts again and again?

The author being true to itself, falls in neither of the two above mentioned categories, neither a scientist nor a master who has all the answers about the mysteries of cosmos and life, who is ready with all the answers, as to understand the concepts of the cosmos with mere intellect, is trying to draw maps on a canvas of water. The fellow readers (as the author is also reading the article while writing it) lets try to understand the logics of the question itself, what is it which has prompted you to think, “that there is some reason for you to be born?” Before striking this cord lets try and find out the emotion(s) which make you think this way. Lets revisit two different emotional sequences in life, one is of joy, pleasure and ecstasy and the other one in which there is sorrow, failures and despair, out of these two which is the one which makes you think what is reason for life, of course (if being true to your”self”) during merry times there is no thought, why have I achieved this why is there so much happiness around me, why is it that I am having all the triumphs but the time there is some failures, meeting the expenses is a Hercules task, when there is unbearable pains or illness it is then that the individual tries to find out the logics of ones own existence, as committing suicide is also based (as per the author) that there is some other place a different dimension beyond this mortal structure of body. The author would humbly urge its readers to revisit the above lines again, and then try and recollect those instances when it went through the emotions, before proceeding to the next paragraph.

When there is pain agony in anyones life and there seems to be no ending to it (sooner or later), and the efforts which are being employed for coming out of the crunch are turning into a futile exercise, then the individual affirms its beliefs on the teachings (as would have been given during the childhood, that there is someone up above who is controlling and regulating everything) it is then this feel of understanding the logics of existence arise, because the individual is not able to admit that it has failed or is failing but wants to thinks that there is someone or something somewhere who is responsible for all what is happening, it is not a fault of the individual but it is some cosmic event which is making it happen. The author doesn’t intends its readers to believe, that there is something up neither not to believe that there is nothing above, but would urge the reader to think, isnt there a lack of adaptation of the changing scenario which is leading to the failures? There are few developed countries in the world but who are still developing, which means there is no static classification, either in the behaviour of the countries with their approach to the ever changing market needs and positions but these developed countries also have to remain dynamic in their being to develop further from their present standings. Lets take up another example, when there is change of weather, every living being (humans, plants, animals) adopt, like the animals shed their fur from dense to mild and the humans change their attire in order to adopt change in the weather, but if an individual doesn’t adapts to the change in the weather, and stays on with the attire which is irrelevant to the present weather, then the person is either gone to fall seriously sick or even die, but if the person instead of accepting that it is the individual who has failed to adopt to the change starts questioning why is there change in weather, would that be a wise move, the author would like its readers to think, is the reason for adopting spirituality, due to some failures or is there something more to it?

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