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In Quest Of Company

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The sense of loneliness is prevailing in almost all of the humans, irrespective wether the person is with family, friends or may be engaged with some work, but there is always this sense of “isolation” there is something which is alone, getting engaged in gadgets or continual presence in the social network sites, is a refuge which the individual takes to evade that “solitude” sense which is there, of course being versatile in nature (as according to the author its a natural phenomena) the frequency of the isolation, varies with time. As this is natural thing, associated with the body, it comes in different forms (as water is in different forms), like boredom, anxiety, anger, despair and many more expressions of this thing are evident within the human race, why is it that there is some kind of vacuum, is there something which the individual also has apart from the body? This isolation of being alone, is responsible for many of the modern diseases, or rather all of them, depression, insomnia, heart ailments, even the life threatening diseases like cancer, the modern medicine tries to replace the missing chemical within the system by externally bombarding it, but there is no “capping” to the source of it.

There would be ready answers for the above posted question, is there something which is there apart from the physical body, and these answers, depending upon the injected concepts, would vary from emotions, to sixteen fragments of the brain to change in the demand of the situation, but the question would again stand its ground, what is it which the individual is missing. As the author would like it readers to think, if there is comfort, is there any emotion, is there any sense of despair? The first answer of many would be “no”, which means there is no despair or anxiety when there is joy, but is it really so, does any of the accomplishments provide any comfort to the life and its sense, but is it just by having the thing a forced “enjoyment” is there, the answer to which is again “no”, as the quest to enlarge the accomplishment takes over the emotions of having achieved, always enhancing the feat is taken as a guarantee for the person to be recognised, which can also be understood that the individual is always trying to seek company, may it be in form of the accolades coming its way from the immediate cluster of people (called family) or the people who have a common taste for passing time (called friends), but the sense of loosing the ascend makes the person be frightful of being “lonely” again, this emotion is felt as being left out or not being centre of attention, either in family or amongst friends and society, as the author is of the view what is really joyful should remain there with the person.

This never ending demand to excel and the inability of the individual beyond a certain threshold, can be the probable reason for the person to get in touch with a thing, GOD, which is guaranteed( by the spiritual masters) shall remain irrespective of what is performance scale of the individual, the author not even remotely is trying to express that there is no GOD, and neither is an authority to establish its being, but just in order to express the ethos and the logics for the need of having “GOD” are being laid. This view can also be understood by another famous quote which is commonly present in the teachings of all the masters, to be detached from the world and be attached with the “GOD”, this statement again establishes that even in these teachings, the masters are trying to provide a non visible but ever following companion to the person who is failing to have one with the body and visible structure, which is directly related to siphon system, in which when one vessel is full start its drainage to the other vessel, but there is no provisions of controlling the input source which is making the vessel spill. This process of providing a unseen companion, has been working to a great extent ( as claimed by many in the audience), but the author would like to humbly submit to its readers, wont it be better if there is company in its natural being, instead of having it from the family, friends or GOD?

In the above paragraph the author has just submitted the teachings which the modern masters are propagating, but hasn’t mentioned the religious scriptures, because of the reason that in almost all the religious scriptures, the concept of turning inwards is defined, not to look upon something which is not part of the individual, in its natural being. The religious scriptures, almost all of them, leaving a few synthesised ones, have been reflecting the ways to have solace within, and even the measures which they have crafted, takes the individual to seclusion to realise the real sense of “company”. The author abstaining itself from laying any commandment or layout, would leave its readers with the thought, isn’t it worth to be comfortable within yourself, irrespective of your achievements or failures, instead of languishing to find the “company” which is as unstable as the emotion generated out of it?

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