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Encashing GOD

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Nowadays there are schools which propagate the thought, in which the success, wealth, fame and even nirvana is made available through the process of preaching and/or meditation. In these schools, tools are exhibited (need specific of the client) adopting which, the individual can achieve any or all of the desires which one languishes for, and needn’t forget in record time and with utmost ease, this immensely popular concepts draws the author to the question, can the pleasures as experienced by the body be the same as to the experience which is not societal dependent which is not yielding any fame, success, wealth and there is no assurance of even nirvana, but still there is a kind of solace (comfort), no societal reasons to justify for it being there, but yet its dominant. The author in no way claims to ridicule these concepts or the masters who are laying their claim of providing all these worldly comforts, but would like to question its fellow readers, if there is god, and he is the one who is taking care of the entire cosmos, out of which only .01% constitutes 22 trillion galaxies and amongst these 22 trillion galaxies mother earth is just a micro spec in our milky way galaxy would it be interested in knowing what you are doing, and he would be changing/ making your life better, because you have performed certain set of procedures? The author has just posted the question, is in no way sure wether “GOD” (if it may be existing) would really be keen in knowing all these details about you. It ca be god may be interested a keeping a strict vigil on what each individual is doing and would be engaged all the times to change the results of the fortune (if it may exist) as it (the individual) has payed a visit to church, mosque or temple? As in most of the classified concepts, there is a blind following of the principles as laid by a person who once inhabited the earth and then has died, as happens with everyone, people are born they live and then they die.

The author reserves no authority to comment upon the findings of the founding fathers of the religions of the world, who are quoted or mis quoted by the present torch bearers, to have solved the matrix of the cosmos, but still had to die as they couldn’t overcome the phenomena of death which happened in the same manner and pattern as would be with a person who isn’t aware of any concepts or principles. The author steps backs from laying any further questions, and returns to the idea of the article, will adopting any kind of measures make the individual a better” selling product” or is it the desire to make a mark in the history propelling the individual to adopt these well marketed schemes?

As to the comprehension of the author, no religious scripture has in it enshrined the steps of being rich, successful or having a big empire, but they all measures for attaining these attributions, confusing as it may seem to be, but it is in pretext with the comfort, contentment of the being and realising that there is no difference in its source of the energy to the energy which is driving all beings, this makes the individual has a big empire. The modern distorted presentations of the findings of the sages (irrespective of the religious affiliations) has changed the concepts, like that of comfort and being rich so on and so forth.

The individuals nowadays undertake a pilgrimage not on the pretext of acquiring some inner comfort, instead is falsely based upon, either making their jobs, businesses or some even for making their skins better, and the same wants also take them to adopting the above mentioned processes of preaching or meditation, as they are being marketed to suffice the specifics. The author would urge its fellow readers to adopt the measures which would enhance them not just curtail them within the perils of money, fame and power.

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