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Success In One Easy Step

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There are numerous teachings in the name of religion made by the masters, in which to have a fruitful, successful life the virtue of “greed” is said to be abandoned, as according to these masters it is this greed which is the source of despair and anarchy, the author would like to take its fellow readers on the path of exploring and excavating this attribution of “greed/desire” which is within you but somehow is tagged and presented as a villain, which it may or may not be.

Before leaping in straight to this issue, and try to have readymade solutions for evading “greed/wish/will”, the author humbly intends to take its readers to understanding what is this virtue in its raw form. Greed is the thing which is responsible for person to excel further, stretch beyond from the point of present reach, but before stepping further, lets try and put our thought on the thing, which was responsible for the individual to have reached to the point from where going any further would be flagged as “greed”. The author being no authority, but would like the fellow readers to give a moment of thought, isn’t this very virtue of “greed” made the individual to reach the present stage? If reaching the present stage wasn’t part of the “greedy structure” then how can the same driving force be bad if there is want to enhance further? As the author has submitted in the opening paragraph of its write up, the masters teach their followers to evade “greed” and abstain from this virtue, but before these masters passed the strictures, didn’t they reflect on the reason why the individual has pitched that question to them to answer, isn’t it “greed/wish or will” of the individual which has taken it to the level of this thought to pose the question of its own eradication? And also the answer which the learned master has given, is also taking the person to a different level a different place from where it is, which is guiding the individual to move away from “greed/ wish or will” but even to move away, the individual still has to engage the same virtue which is to be abandoned, “greed”?

The author being no authority in evaluating the virtues of the human race, but with sincere gratitude, would like to draw the attention of its fellow readers to differentiate between accomplishment and greed, is there any thing different amongst these two attributions? Isn’t this true, when a greed is achieved it is accomplishment and when the effort to reach the goal is defeated, the defeat is neatly and graciously presented as “greed”? Which can also be understood, that it is failures which are demons not the wish to excel, and following the childhood story narration structures, the demons occupy the first row in the memory lane of the person resulting in person getting irritated at all the times, and this irritation is expressed in form of anger within the family, workplace and/or other spheres under the influence of that individual.

To overcome this defeat syndrome, their are many institutions which are catering remedies in the wrapping of religion, and present structure of meditation also falls in the same bracket. The author is not commenting, whether these procedures are right or wrong, but is just trying to draw the attention of its esteemed readers, why should there be curtailing or abolishing the quality which is pivotal for individual to live in society or even in solitude? Isn’t adopting measures to bring down the failure rates better than to live like a dead, the author would like to leave its readers with the thought, of being true oneself and owing up equally to ones failures as would be in case of accomplishments, would ease out the life, this ease (as per the author) would make the individuals quest to self realisation be without any fear, as overcoming fear is the basis of the self realisation.

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