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Understanding Aura

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As is the case with all the things which are living tend to have energy in form of kinetic or potential, either or both of them, depending upon whether the being in question is rock, plant or human, there is energy moving within it which is responsible for its existence and being. This energy when not being used within the system or there is some breakage in the links of the conducting medium, is reflected outside and forms kind of hallow, which is famously known as “Aura”, which has attracted the attention of many, and there have been masters who tend to evaluate it after reading the person, and any colour from the rainbow is mentioned by these masters, which is the first step for making the approaching individual to adopt the measures which are being taught by that master(s).

The author has no issues and neither does it takes itself an authority to state whether the above process is right or wrong, but would just humbly submit to its wise readers, there is loss of energy when there is emission, so if we go by the concepts of the modern masters and following their method of evaluating the aura of the person, which leads the author to the point in which the emissions of energy from the body is evaluated to define, the strength levels of the chakras, but if the body is emitting its energy, isn’t this very statement enough to evaluate that there is something wrong with the chakras (the energy centres) and the body is not able to perform to its fullest potential, as it is not able to conserve its energy which also means the body is not able to utilise that energy within for its betterment?

Lets take the statement by an example, when there is cold weather, the first step to cope with the dipping temperature is to wear something which is heavy and (wrongly known) warm, but what do these clothings do in reality? They just isolate the emitted heat of the body from the colder temperatures of the atmosphere, the better is the isolation/conservation ability of the clothing the more comfortable the person is who is wearing it, as when you cook something in a open pan and don’t cover it with lid, it takes longer time ( which also means more consumption of energy to perform the task) for it to cook in comparison if the same pan would have been covered with the lid, now lets take this principle of preservation of energy and equate it to the evaluation of “Aura”, if the person is forming hallow (colour being discretionary object of the master, those who can visualise it) then there is some kind of seepage of energy from the person and this seepage (as any other would be) is bad for the its owner. The modern school of cosmos revelations( called meditation centres), not trying to plug the hole or not engaging the person how to stop this wastage ( by providing measures as enshrined in almost all the profound religious scriptures) but tend to change the colour of this emission ( the author would abstain from ridiculing or commenting upon the methods and results, as the author is yet to realise any wastage to be fruitful) and then claims of improvements are produced which the hallucinated person also tends to agree with, which means the connect with the “self” may not have happened but by the induced and guided perception of being one does take a permanent placement within that individual, resulting with all the thoughts to be comprehended as from the “divine” and to be pious.

The author has no prejudice to the teachings (how so distorted they may be) being imparted by the master or the superimposed feel of peace, which the disciple tends to feel, but is just trying to express, that what is being corrected (by colour) is in itself a wastage of the energy, which if conserved would help the human race, to enhance further and would be able to realise all what it aspires for. As the things of meditation and self realisation have been laid to be a very complex and things achieved with lots of effort and struggle ( result also not guaranteed), the author would abstain of elaborating the simple processes( as mentioned in scriptures and followed by disciplines of the subject under supervision) which if undertaken, can yield surprising results.

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