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Based on the queries which the author has received on its article published on 22 February, regarding how the emission of aura is wastage of energies being generated within the body, but before elaborating or sharing its view on how the emission of the chakras is bad the author is submitting an insight of how the approach towards these energy centres the chakras should be, for achieving an harmony amongst the body and the mundane, as for any thing, its the approach towards it is the signature of its success or failure.

Lets kick off the topic with the way the modern masters or the way most of the mediation schools of meditation are promoting and dispersing the teachings of meditation, the author in no way is trying to suggest that they are wrong and neither is vouching for the veracity, but are just being mentioned as source of example. In these institutes, the disciple is taught how to observant of the energy within its own body, and is also told how to energise them, by taking a certain set of procedures and super impose them on the chakras, and then this process is further classified and elaborated to make the things more complex from the already complex form, the reasons for the masters to be doing so is not known but can only be speculated by the author as,”….forbidden fruits are always sweet….” As when there is a huge amount of effort required to acquire or achieve a thing, its attains the position of a “trophy”, well the author isn’t certain if anything is really achieved by the above process, as the above process is hinting towards a battle amongst the body and the life defining energies, as by taking the body as a plank these energies are tried to be conquered, which is quite contradictory to their original sense of being, how the body which is dependent upon these energies be conquering them, and how can the energies which are conducting themselves from and within the body be different from the body?

The author would humbly like to submit to its wise readers, to think is your foot different from your body, is the blood which flows through your fingers different from the blood which is flowing through your facial membranes? The obvious answer to it is, no, then how can the energies which are working for your heart to pump or your brain to think be separate or different from these organs which are acting on their mercy, the question or the reason for undertaking meditation ( in its correct texture, not what is being propagated) is to dissolve any breakage between the body and these energies ( the author in its previous articles has illustrated what are the virtues which are responsible for this disconnect, just to present a refresher the virtues like Prejudice, hate, meanness are responsible) for the disconnect, which leads to low performance of the body, both in regard to societal and spiritual journey.

There are 114 energy centres in a human body (irrespective of the age and size of the individual), out of these 6 are responsible for the entrepreneur rise of the individual and the rest 108 are responsible for the body to be in harmonious association with the SHIVA (the spirit). Out of these 108 energy centres 106 are spread through out the body (like on your finger tips, the joint of the hand with the arm, the under arms so on and so forth) and the last 2 are residing just above the crown chakra. The author stepping back from elaborating any further on the chakras, returns to how to approach them, which is the topic of the article, whenever you want to approach a particular thing and want it to be yours, there are two ways to have it, one is conquer and the second is embrace, the latter being the lay out of the procedure to approach the chakras.

When there is embrace then there is a collective submission, which is that the body brushes away the virtues which it has piled up as a armour to survive in the society or to excel, the sense of prejudice or jealously, being most common is taken up here as an elaboration, it doest remotely sums that when a person is able to harmonious with the energy centres the person gives up the society and takes renunciation, but its just the person is independent of the result of the effort, and doesn’t gets affected by the change in the landscape, its like a fish which lives in water but is never wet because of it. The author would like its readers to think, whenever there is a forced association, then the chances of getting bored with the thing are higher ( as its normally not a cherished thing to read the school/ college text books) but when a bondage of being one and enjoying is there, then there is no boredom, so how should one approach the life determining and defining energies, trying to conquer them or to embrace?

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