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What Qualifies To Be A Sin

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There have been many a questions regarding the manner to conduct in the society, so that the spirituality of the individual isn’t affected, no “sin” is committed, which takes the author to the question, which act can qualify as “sin” and the other is being “liberal or sanity act”, if there is something really which can be termed so, in either way, may it be sin or sanity? Lets we both, the author and its wise readers, visit most common of the gestures/actions which (in the societal perspective) fall in either of each.

Hurting someone is taken as a act of “sin”( as per the common concept of society), but what does it really means, what is hurting and is it really possible not to hurt someone and yet earn money, name and all the attributions which almost all the inhabitants of mother earth aspire for, lets visit this thought together, and then explore the other common ones. Like when there is a promotion in your work sphere, there is a rise, is it possible that one can rise in solitude without over taking another? There are two people who are working at the same hierarchical level in a company, both are contributing the same kind of work, but one gets more cozy with the authority and enchases that association with rise in the status and also money, so can this be taken a result of the effort in solitude, or is it that one person just stepped over its counter part and crushed him for its rise, isn’t this person hurting its counter part to ensure the rise in its stature? The same example can be extended to business too, where one business firm is always trying to crush the competition, by adopting one measure or another to have all or maximum profit for itself, and there are numerous examples, in which the bigger firms have taken over the smaller companies. According to numerous of wise readers, the prompt answer would be take refuge on the principles of professionalism, and justifying the act (this justification is for the reader consciousness only not for anyone else), but lets go back on the concept of sin, which says hurting anyone is a sin. By the rise of wealth, power, money and so on, is the individual committing a sin? As the person or the company which has been crushed or suppressed, is by virtue of its internal energies is cursing the person/company which has over taken it/them, so the earnings which are there are kind of jinxed, are associated with a negative vibration, which can/does definitely resonates its affect on all the people who are using that earnings.

If hurting someone is a sin then for the cause of food, there are so many living things which are being killed, may it be plants or animals, so does eating food also an act of sin? To meet the needs for your survival is paramount, and people normally eat just enough to fill their stomach ( which is meeting the criterion of ensuring survival), which is a natural behaviour and is also exhibited in other living beings, like a lion only kills to eat but is not bothered about the herd of antelopes, if his belly is full. But when it comes to money, power, wealth and other kinds of comforts, the human race somehow never feels contented and is always languishing to earn more than it can even consume during its life span, and in almost all the profound religions of the world, there are teachings of donations to be done from ones earnings ( as the earnings are quite susceptible of being affected by the curse) which is kind of sharing your “sin” with the other people who are consuming it either in the form of food, clothes and so on, but the basic idea remains the same of cutting down the curse which has generated by the needs (which are not natural in their being, but are just to cater to ego and lust of making big in the society, which has been explained by the author in its previous article), and it would be wise for the readers to evaluate within themselves, isn’t the earnings earned by such means (avoiding using word “illicit”) can be a probable reason of anguish, turmoil which is more in experience, when there is rise of money, wealth, power with similes of peace, stability and comfort, naming society can be probable recluse for this kind of act, but the author would like to bring the fore, if you are reading this article this long, it means there is something someone within which is somehow not happy with the kind of mannerism being exhibited for earnings, so my dear readers, the author would humbly request its wise readers, please see what matters more to you, the society or your own peace, as it would be evident by the experience of the individual with the society, that there are many a participants when there is joy, but during the pains and sorrow episodes, the individual is all by itself.

Which makes us reach to the point, where the author would like to leave its readers with a thought, is it really necessary for the person to languish for more and more, which is leading the person to deliberately commit a sin and have its earnings jinxed with curse is that momentarily acquired joy worth for being restless, to have all that stress and agony, which gets reflected in physical form as depression, insomnia, and even dreaded like cancer?

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