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Say Hello To YOUR"SELF"

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There are three hundred sixty five and a quarter day in an year, there are nine planets in our solar system, all these planets rotate around their axis life (in our perspective) is only present on earth, there are twenty two trillion galaxies, our solar system is in milky way galaxy there are hundred and seven bones in human body the normal human body temperature is 98.4 degrees, there someone up above called “god” who is controlling everything these all informations which have no impact on your life and neither upon your death, but are just informations which are not in your experience but still hold a pivotal impression, why is the question which the author would like to plunge into along with its wise readers, that why is it that having a information is more important than having the feel of it?

A established scientist would have proved that our beloved mother earth completes one rotation around the sun in 365 days, and when this count of 365 is over, then there are celebrations of the new year, but has anything changed for you in comparison to what you were on 31 December to what you are on 1 January? Or has it impacted even the earth (who has completed one rotation, as claimed by the scientist) to such a extent that its behaviour towards the things has changed, to what it was on 31 December? Why the author is mentioning all these things, is for the reason ( as to what the author finds) that in almost all of the instances in the way the humans are leading their lives is based upon information which is cemented by belief (may it for the science or spiritual masters) and there is hardly anything which they experience. Lets dwell this further, like what we see is the rise of the sun in a certain direction everyday ( even the name of that direction is imposed, which is east) and its travels from that direction and sets in exactly opposite direction and then the scene ( the area) is filled with darkness, and then after a certain period the sun rises again and the same process keeps happening everyday without fail, this is what is impacting the life and this is what we are experiencing, but if we are able to travel into space and then see how the day and night events are happening then our information about the day and night would change (as we would know that there is no rise of sun and neither it sets, its just that the earth has changed its direction)and its then that these details of the happenings of day and night will change and would be based upon the experience, but till the time there is no space travel it will be only a belief a faith on institutes like NASA, because there are people in these kinds of institutes who have invested their time and life in trying the understand the “space”, and we aren’t willing to invest our time for experiencing these events, so we just repose our “faith”, which is substituting the experience with information.

The same holds true when we try to approach our”self” too, here too we acquire the information about all the things, right from the number of chakras their placements in the body and also their impact on certain and specific aspects of life, and this is passed on people who ( may have) invested their time and experienced these things first hand, or may be they are better “ grasping” people, who have learnt it by attending to some literature or lecture and suddenly realised that they are competent enough to “impart” knowledge ( unfortunately this being prominent) and start sharing the decoded matrix of the cosmos, and also throw light on why and what was the reason for (it would be) to create life on earth. Its quite similar to a certain extent when a patient visits a doctor and after evaluation the doctor prescribes medicine, the patient isn’t aware what the medicine will do or what the doctor has evaluated, but just follows the prescription, some get ok and some don’t by the administration of the medicines, but in either of the cases ( may it be visit to spiritual master for some growth or visiting a doctor for physical ailment) the individual experiences nothing, just reposes its faith ( because some has recommended the doctor or the master) and clings on blindly, but be wise to analyse are you getting the thing which you are “investing” (both in money and time terms) like you do while shopping, and if there is something being offered as ( as this article) then it is not complete (just an introduction).

The author isn’t hinting towards abandoning faith or belief on any master or any concept, but is just urging the fellow readers to “seek” not to “follow”, as spiritual masters, author no different, are professionals who are earning their livelihood by this, and as it involves life, so like medical practitioners the spiritual masters are also looked upon to be “noble”. The author finds nothing wrong to admit the truth of being a professional, unlike the others who somehow happen to portray to be divine messengers and have no personal gains, which is like they got a message from somewhere that they need to help the human race understand the matrix of cosmos, as there are no “buddha” who remained in jungles, but remaining true to it”self” the author would urge its wise readers, to think (with open frame of mind) experience ( with no inhibitions) the concept of “silence” (which the author has submitted in its previous articles).


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