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"KEY" To Money And Wealth

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Astrology and the science of chakras, has thrown light on the issues which are pivotal for the people to be “happy” in terms of the developed societal mannerisms, the virtues of earning more and avoiding the resistance for excelling from the lower ladder to the upper one and then there on. The author is just submitting this article for the to clarify that adopting process of mediation not even remotely hints towards “renunciation”, the distorted but yet popular, concept is about meditation.

According to astrology, the placement of sun, mercury, mars, venus and Uranus, is responsible for the financial and property wealth of what the person is born with and also how and what it would be able generate within its lifetime. These planets when placed in second, fourth, fifth, ninth and eleventh house and in conjunction with friendly and beneficial planets, depict the nature of the wealth which will be there and also explain to the level of how long the wealth will be (as there have been many a cases, which the author while wearing hat of a astrologer, has come across when people have flow of wealth but there have been equal or more expenses coming along) whether stable and cumulative and if not suitably placed or not in conjunction with friendly and supporting planets can be cause of unstable and bringing debts along, astrology not only to the kind of wealth but also narrates the field of suitability (as everyone has special traits, some are good in marketing, some in manufacturing, some are artist, few appreciate so and so forth with diverse and vivid nature of professions) and in addition to it providing a clear insight of the effort required for attaining success in venturing out in these professions. The author is yet to come across any such horoscope which has no scope of success, but would humbly submit, there are many who are struggling, because they chose the wrong profession( the author has expressed it in its previous article), which is not amicable to their planetary positions (the term planetary is used to reflect the mundane energies and is not remotely hinting towards the Celestial bodies, the planets of the solar system).

The same can be understood in terms of chakras, the energy junctions, which are dwelling within the body and are governing the way the body (the individual) would be conducting itself in society. If a person is having some issues while executing any project, then according to science of chakras, there is blockage in the mooldhara (the root chakra) and if correct type of tools, hymns and concentration, are employed then the amount of effort required for the person to execute would reduce significantly. If there are issues with the health, like depression or heart related ailments, then there are issues with the sacral and the heart chakra, and engaging in concentration with hymns, on these two chakras will remove the ailment for ever, even the same can be said for any kind ailment, even dreaded and incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, have been witnessed to be cured.( insight to this has been expressed by the author in its previous article)

Apart from curing the struggle and stresses, the science of astralogy and chakras, individually or combined, can be undertaken for enhancing the beauty, adding natural glow to the skin, can also be done. The author deliberately recluses itself to mention the details of the procedures, as doing the procedures in a wrong manner would yield disastrous effects, which would bring bad name to the science, but would like to leave its wise readers with the thought, how do you enter a big mansion with huge and strong walls, just by engaging the right “key” to its lock, so find the right key to open the doors of success instead of trying to break the strong walls in effort to make your way “in”.


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