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Your Food Defines your Success


Meditation, is a process in which apart from concentrating on the process, there are suggestions made (by the sages, through the profound scriptures) in which there are disciplines regarding the conduct of the individual, its clothings (as discussed in the article date 28 Feb 2018, its food, and also the kind of company with which it should try and be. All these things don’t contribute in meditation, but during the initial stages when there is more struggle and being one with the “self” is not at will, it is for this time that these suggestions are pivotal, the author in its previous article has expressed the relevance of clothing and the colour of the clothes which one should prefer wearing, especially during the meditation time, for smoothening the process, the journey with”in”.

Before explaining the paramount behaviour of the food and also the way it is consumed, the author would like to explain the relevance of the food with a much familiar thing, fitness. In the spree to be fit, and to have a body in proper shape, the wise readers, at some given point of time would have visited a trainer or gymnasium, and would have shared their desire and reason for the visit, apart from the exercises there would also been suggestions/directions on the kind of food which is to be consumed and also the way it should be (like having smaller meals at one time), like wise even in the way towards “self” the kind of food and how and where it is consumed is paramount in its being. The author would not suggest, abstaining from any food article or taking one article as welcomed and acceptable and others to be abandoned, may it animal or plant, both are living beings and when uprooted or slaughtered, they die, only difference remains in the colour of the blood which oozes out when sliced. By nature of food the author, just is passing reference the mood with which it is being consumed and also the ambience of its consumption, as how so ever good the toilet may be, food is never consumed there, likewise having food with people who don’t carry good vibrations for you, is recommended to be avoided.

Elaborating further, on the manner in which the food is defined to be consumed, one should be receptive towards food and should enjoy every munch of it and one should always be trying to engage all the senses while consumption, as the first introduction of the food is done with help of eyes, as if the food is not carrying the correct texture, there is an indication from within that the food would not be tasty, but after acceptance from the eyes, then there is hardly engagement towards the food there after, which is a wrong procedure and one should also be admiring the food which individual is consuming. Apart from engaging vision, the hearing sense, the ears should also be engaged in the process, and with practice, one can hear the silent munch of the crushing of the food by the teeth and there should be regular following/ stalking of the munch within the mouth, moving from one cheek wall to another and this stalking should be carried till the food is pushed down the throat ( after regular implementation of the procedure, the individual can feel the food till the time it lands on the floor of the stomach). By all this procedure, the sense of welcoming this foreign article (the food) to the system, and being happy with its introduction, which makes the food release positive vibrations in the system in form of energy.

The author would urge its readers, to try to have food with a person who is established (by the intellect of the individual) of not having good vibration for it ( a hidden enemy, as commonly known, who is into back stabbing) and then feel the results on its own. Does the food results generating the same kind of vibrations, as it would have when consumed alone or in a company for a well wisher ( has the digestion resulted and what are the feelings after consuming food) ? As the author has already expressed above, that either it may be plants or animals, they are living, and all living beings are receptive in their nature, so the company and the mood with which the food is consumed, is reciprocated by the food upon digestion. Would like to leave for the wise readers to try this exercise and feel the difference, even if they continue with the same cuisine.


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