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What is Universe Made Of?


The questions related to the reasons for the creation of the universe, what is meditation and logics to it, how is the earth able to revolve around the sun is there life beyond planet earth, the significance of death and is there any forward journey, and more of similar kinds of questions seem to be daunting the human kind, but are said to be daunting (if they hardly mean anything for the specific one), but the author would humbly and simply post a question to its wise readers, what if, even if you find out what was the reason for the creation of the universe and what is it which leaves the body, causing death, to have the understanding of these micro and macro concepts would lead you where?

Lets try and find out the answers to why and what is the basis of the universe, and then sometime later, we both, the author and its wise readers, can figure out the reasons for its creation. Lets start with the basics, even before one is born one realises (in the mothers womb) that there is a certain position of the body which needs to be maintained to be comfortable, and there is something (not visible but existing) which is defining that posture, and this thing is even after the birth, is keeping the person on the ground and not floating in the air like paper. After spending a brief period and learning the language of the family (in which the child is born), oftenly “ gravitational” force is introduced and this introduction ends the quest ( if it may be with everyone) of what is it which is defining the value of staying on the earth. As the author in its earlier article has submitted, that our body, may it be emotions or other wise is always in a reactive state, so what is it within the body which is reacting with that “gravitational” force and staying on the earth, which is revolving at a speed of around 60 thousand kilometres/ hour, has there been an urge to know what is so comfortably taken to be “known”?

The author is no modern scientist to depict the details of this force, and the reason for referring to the gravitational force is symbolic to the “fact” that our body reacts only to the things which it is aware of (as there is no release of emotions to the sentence when spelled in unknown language, but there is healing when a medicine is taken), which means the nature of the gravitational force is present within the system, the body, which is natural irrespective of the religion caste creed and also the wealth and class parameter. Which draws us to the conclusion, that what so ever kind of forces are prevailing outside and are also present within the body, hence the vedas and the sages of the east, have highlighted the principle which reads, to understand the “pind” (the structure) the aund (the atom) should be studied, as the macro structure is just the elaborate manifestation of the atomic structure, and the study of the western science, is also speaking on the same terms that the entire universe is made up of same kind of energy.

Keeping pursue the above, the science of meditation was introduced, in which the realisation or unfolding of the fact, that there is no disparity between any kind of life or structural form. In the art of meditation, union of the structure with the driving energy is re established ( which is lost due to stress, fear and all the traits of the modern society and further has been lamented by the distorted teachings of the present day masters). Meditation as has been submitted by the author in its previous article is not a subject which is too difficult to explore, if one is able to go beyond the barriers of intellect ( which in itself is recycled and rehashed information), and be wise and sincere while undertaking the path. Meditation even remotely shouldn’t be understood as preaching, as it is the art of absorbing and dissolving. The author would like its readers to try concentrating on a candle with closed eyes?


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