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How to Time Travel


The ability to sense the emotions and the feelings of the person afar has always been interesting the humans in large, which has led to several ( huge are the several in number count) to many a teachers and institutes who tend to claim (the author cant vouch for authenticity nor can decline their self proclaimed ability) to be able to get the sense, if there is something, which is more than the daily sketches of acts. The author would like to ask its wise readers, how would you rank the statement and the statement maker who is blessed with eye sight, is feeling dazzled and over whelmed to the other person who is also able to see?

Wont it be undermining the born inherited ability, which is there within everyone, but you aren’t able to connect to it, and if theres an instance when you happen to meet a person who has somehow managed to preserve the link, you are all bent as if there is something which is unique in the person and you (as an individual) don’t have it, which is not the case in reality, it is just you aren’t able to stimulate or activate the ability, which has been made dormant due to virtues of the modern day society, or the way we humans at large have decided to lead our lives. Even science, has been able to explore and establish, that humans also (like other beings) have the ability to sense the things from large, but what is the thing which has blocked the way to know, as the technology of mobile is nothing more than just the extension of ability to communicate by natural way, as even the mobile works on the principles called “cell” in engineering terms, which has just been superficially developed from the invisible form within the system.

The author would like its wise readers to try this simple exercise and find out within themselves, what are they capable of, apart from languishing for money, sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight and regularise your breath and then try and hold your breath in your sacral chakra ( which if done in proper sense, would give tingling simulations), holding of the breath is person and practice specific (a child would be able to hold it longer than in comparison to adult, as the pollution levels are lesser in the child), after the stimulations are felt in the sacral chakra, the individual can try sending the message to the other person. The author would like to submit, during enterprising this, try to conserve patience and don’t try to push yourself beyond the existing threshold, and if the person is not able to get your message, like “…. Call me….” (just try this as a trial message) then don’t be disheartened, try again, as you do when you aren’t able to connect via your mobile for the first time.


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