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Enhance your Prayers Output


Bathe before you offer prayers, is a sentence which almost everyone would have heard at the time when one indulges into the enterprise of “GOD” pleasing, but what is the reason for bathing before starting the prayers, why is it so "Regal" in its being, is it that the statue which is placed on the pedestrian in front of you is getting affected by the smell of your sweat? Let we both, the author and its wise readers, plunge and find out the reasons for following or toeing this artefact, what is it that bathing would change in the process, which if done without bathing wont be as beneficial as would be after bathing.

Water, which covers three quarters of the earths surface is also present in each and everyone of us at an ratio 72.2%, and is the one which controls the sacral chakra (the chakra responsible for concentration, mental health, and de addiction), what is it extra which it does when poured on to the body, but before taking this up, lets revisit upon the structural contours of the human body which is equal to any religious place ( which the author has mentioned in detail in its previous article, the flats and the modern architectural innovations are evaded) and in both of these, the human body and the religious structure, the main tomb is at 52 degrees and 51 minutes, which makes it most receptive to the cosmic energy which is present in the atmosphere. Water is one of the best conductor, helps in the body to absorb or communicate(author in its previous article has mentioned the way in which time travel is possible), with those cosmic energies and with the scientific reverberations which are generated within the body by the process of reciting hymns have large affect on the system (the body) and if the intensity can be enhanced, it can even stimulate the surroundings and change the molecular behaviour of the ambience.

The vedas, have spoken in detail how bathing should be done and what are the processes which should be followed even during the time of bathing, but the author recluses itself from elaborating those in here as those processes are capable of generating huge amounts of beneficial charge within, but can be fatal if done without supervision, but when the person is done with its bathing, and is to undertake prayers, it is recommended that the person should leave its hair moist (if keeping wet isn’t possible) there face should be wet so should be the feet, which will enhance the energy flow within the system and the yield of the results after process of prayers would be more than it would be otherwise.

The author would like to humbly submit to its wise readers, it would be better if the above mentioned process is followed in a engineered site (original religious place, not one made in flat) as that would enhance the output of the process.


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