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Getting High by "Divine"


There are so many things so many pictures which one comes across while walking down on the pavement, but hardly any heed is given to them to notice and the same is done with almost all the things which one does during the course of the day, which leads the author to ponder, why is it so? Why is the person so inattentive to the things which it is doing or has done, but there is no relevance attached to it, is it a normal behaviour of the system (the body) or is it the life styles of todays world, which has led to this?

Lets we both, the author and its wise reader, explore and find out why is it that the things remain unimportant but yet are able to catch the attention? Lets plunge into it by taking refuge of of the previous article in which the author has explained and submitted how the human body is always in an reactive state, which is, that it acts when the act is impressed upon it, like you smile or laugh when the joke has been spelled out or you cry when an untoward has happened and now lets dig into a newer ground of how the societal vivd nature has contributed towards the individual for which we can make use of an example, when ever a person is walking and there is hoarding which attracts the view of the viewer (you), and without any consent/ knowledge the viewer reads the wordings (if it is in the language known to the viewer), but it doesn’t register within, so in both the cases the time it was to be read and the time has been read, in both the cases the approach has been the same, which is of “ignorance”, and this ignorance is not by choice, but is uncontrolled, as like a heavily drunk person is unable to walk straight, how so ever hard the person tries to have control over its steps but is lacking, but in new normal (as its against the principles of body and life) the modern day society and its attributions has made the person, in kind of drunk state, in which the individual is behaving mechanically, without any response or control over its own being and acts, which has lead to alarming rise of depression and mental and physical illness ailments, apart from this attribution significantly contributing towards diabetes, heart problem, asthma and other dreaded and chronic diseases.

We have reached to a certain understanding, that in either of the above mentioned events nothing lays an impression until unless there is attention towards the event, thats why all the systems (tools) which are available in the public domain, like mediation and other concentration eccentric exercises are just making the individual heed more attention to itself and to the work it is undertaking, like when the author is typing his thoughts (in form of this article) how many times delete button or right click to correct the spellings determines how engaged the author is with this, and like wise the above quoted examples of reactive and non receptive would scale up the wise reader (there would be some readers who would have again researched about where these terms have been mentioned and explained), this is what non attentiveness shapes to be. Be conscious of your act and see, there is hardly any time when there would “no work boredom”, as boredom is nothing more than being away from something which is intrusive or being with something which is appreciable in form of associate or ambience. But unfortunately, these all systems are also being undertaken without feeling the essence of it, which means, the time individuals undertake the enterprise, they loose connect with the system leading the system to be just mechanical, which is acting on its own without feel of resonance of it. Like the time the individual starts expediting, chanting mantras then the entire focus is on the clear and proper recitation, in which vocabulary is paragon, then when after several repetitions when vocabulary seems to be automated, then the individual connects with the thoughts its desires which are to be fulfilled by this mantra, as this was what was conveyed during the marketing (agents) which had allured the person to adopt the mantra. The author would humbly and graciously submit, that it is not the issue with the type of mantra, but the end result of the mantra which has been portrayed and the individual not able to feel the ripple which that mantra is causing in his system, during its recitation, is the reason for the mantra not to enhance the existing attributions of the person. The author would humbly take its readers for an exercise, try to read any paragraph without speaking within yourself…….see as you are unable to have the meaning of even the known words, like wise the time you introduce a new ripple into your energy system but don’t have associate with it, the ripple doesn’t create the pulse which leads to clarity and fructifying, but all this gets lost, just because of the divorce between senses.

Try and do an exercise in which you are to blend the sugar crystals into water, first take a small spoon and just stir the surface of the water and see if you are able to dissolve sugar into the water, then embrace the spoon further with water, go deeper than the surface then again observe the same, keeping increasing the depth of the immersion of spoon into the vessel till the time the spoon touches the base of the vessel and is able to disturb the resting sugar crystals and makes them dissolve into water, by submitting the above exercise, the author wishes to communicate to its wise readers, till the time you aren’t touching the base (core in inference with body) it wont be possible to dissolve the hard crystals (problems in inference to life), it would be interesting to visit the exercise again, in all of the instances, from the time the spoon was on the surface till the time it reached the base, the occurrence of the event was same, but its just when it was fully into it, that was the time it could do for what it was engaged, which means the process all this while had been correct it was just the absorption of the spoon which had to be changed, like wise if the individual is unable to absorb the ripple created by the mantra, then rubbishing the mantra would be unfair, as described above, when the process of getting one with the system isn’t there, then finding the fault in the system would be inequitable.

The author would urge its readers to plunge into the process and follow the sound which is being generated by your sound chamber, and feel the ripple which is associated with that resonance, this ripple will take you to the part/organ in the body to which the hymn is affecting, if the affected part/organ is same as the afflicted one, then your take on the choice of prayer is correct, else it would be better to change to the one which is affecting and hence healing the problem in hand. The master, who has experienced the ripples and is aware of the procedural mannerisms, in inference to its own system, would be best suitable to be engaged for over coming the hurdle(s). There are several pococurante available in veil of being masters, and the Sith of the market scenario is such that glamorous and gaudy procedures are more likeable, but the author humbly submits, not to make the simple things to be projected as “tasks”, as there is no-one better than yourself who would you know better, about you, there is nothing in meditation and realisation which can be introduced in form of pill, but its a process of being one with none another than your”self”


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