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Life, which in its raw virtue is so simple and clear, but yet due to social stringent principles of upbringing, it has been made a labyrinth, and as labyrinth is has so many cross roads but none of leading no where, apart from each terminating into the other, and the person is encircling none other than “itself”, which has been further disarrayed by self proclaimed “masters” who have been vociferously speaking at top of the voices about what better they have, like is the principles of any marketing strategy for promoting similar products, the author doesn’t claims itself to have received any “message or iMessage” from some GOD, unlike the other claimants, which shouldn’t be taken as there is some message facility with that GOD or not, but its only that the author hasn’t got, and the entire literature which the author is illustrating is based on energy compilations are permutations, emerging

There are so many teachings in how to overcome stress and distress which has incurred due to one or another reasons, but unfortunately none of the teachers are enlightening their followers what are the reasons which led to this distress, what is there which is causing this in their lives, metaphorically, if one treats the ailment but hasn’t addressed the infection which has incurred that ailment onto a healthy body, and till the time the source of the problem is not addressed it is likeable to keep reoccurring. The author is not an authority either, who has an umbrella solutions which would fit for each and every one, but would like to engage its wise readers and would walk along, during the course of the write up to discover what is it which is causing this distress and disarray in the lives of the people, who in order to overcome are running from pillar to post (here it signifies from ultimate master to another) but don’t find the solution, leading some loose their interest in reforming and the others give in the zeal and compromise as this being the “destiny” for them.

Lets we, author and the readers, plunge into the endeavour and discover what is it which is causing all this distress and then reading into the source(s) of this. To understand the concepts, lets take refuge of an example, in which the child who is pursuing its studies in lower grades (classes) is not performing to the expectations of the parent and also the child in itself is finding it difficult to know the reasons, as it (the child) is putting all effort and allocating stimulated time for academics, but the results of all those efforts are abhorrent, for both. What is it, which the wise readers feel is the cause for the results to be, as what they are?

The parents are putting their money, the child is putting its effort, what is it which is blocking to acquire the desired output, the reason for this is “concentration”, as the child is putting the effort, which means that the child is not enjoying the conduct, but is forcing itself into it, which means there is no stable “attention” levied to the thing, failing which the entire efforts of the child and parents are going for a toss, is resulting “futile” for the basic reason, that there is no connect between the child and the literature which its studying, the academics. This disconnect is the reason for the child not able to score the grades, which it and its parents are aspiring for.

Lets we both, take up another example before we can reach a mark to evaluate and deduce to abstract the reasons/results, the moment a surgeon is scheduled to perform a surgery, the surgeon visits the results of the patient on whom the surgery is to be performed and while going through the slides and results, the surgeon paints the picture of the non performing organ and its location in its brain, and this picture leads the surgeon to take the call on the location where the cut is to be performed, this clarity of this image ensures that the surgeon carries the surgery leading to positive outcome, failing which there are enough instances to reflect, in which the patient died due to excessive blood flow or cotton roll being carelessly left inside the patient. What is it which would be deciding about the clarity of the image of the afflicted part within the doctor, which enable the doctor to carry the impression of the tests slides along, this is what is called “concentration”, which even if expressed by the common knowledge derived from the kitchen when a “concentrate” of sugar, salt and water is made for the kids who have returned from school or after playing long and hard in the sun, and transpires to any homogenous mixture which has relevance of all the ingredients, but still is one, as in this case there is sugar, salt in the water and these both can be tasted but cant be seen, when several combine to form “one.”

Which takes both of us, the author and the readers, that whenever there is an “effort” engaged to carry out any task, there is disconnect, because there is no effort from the water to fill the glass, because its too subtle and sublime to acquire the shape, but if the same water in form of droplets is leaked over a huge flame or on a hard and hot surface, the water looses it integrity. To make the results better or to understand the reasons of stress, one must be true to itself and try and reach a palpable state, where there isn’t any requirement of the effort but the things work along, in harmony. Any stress which the child, doctor in the above quoted examples or the adults in the profession have, is just due to lack in synchronisation of themselves with the event. The author doesn’t bail out the inevitable times, when the individual is exposed to such circumstances which are sordid in their being, but what has led you there is the issue not the resultant of ending up in a lurch. Job which is the basic target for each student aspires for, but it isn’t sure or certain which is nature of the job it wishes and what is the level where it intends to have a genesis its rudiment, if these things are clear in their description, then job wont be a job it would an integral part of you and there wont be any friction, which results in stress. But just to have a job is the reason for having the accentuation, likewise if the studies are propounded and proffered, in sync with the prevailing energy graphs of the child, then it becomes a titillation, and then there is no need for any effort as the child is wilfully engaged and is one with the academics. As the outlay of the academics isn’t possible to be changed for each child, it's the righteous duty of the parents to analyse their progeny and make it take up the things which are in tangent with its energy graph, what in the East is termed as natal chart, which is pictorial representation of the energy within the body. Returning to the topic and abstaining from passing any admonitions, it would be wise to get into the thing, then getting along.



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