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Why to "Meditate"


With the overwhelming response and exquisiteness of the wise readers especially from Hong Kong and Singapore and they approaching the author on various social platforms and trying to learn about the concepts further in depth, which has been encouraging as how keen and sincere are the wise readers to excogitate about the “self” and extend its estimable, which may be placed later but should always be taken before “my” instigates the author to illustrate what is the need for this exploration to be undertaken, why is it the thing which is so prudent in it's being and still is in the “hiding.”?

We, the author and its wise readers (those who couldn’t be accommodated due to constraints of time and also the new ones), would plunge to understand why is it so regal that even to have a better societal life (if spirituality isn’t your taste) the amicable bonding of “my” with the “self” to be there? Lets try and clear the first block, the hinderance caused by the wrong interpretation, of taking these to be two different virtues, there is no difference in my with the self, the self is dependent upon my for its portrayal and my is the one which is the visible structure of the self, which means the energies require the skeleton structure for their functioning and the skeleton without energies is nothing more than a lump of “flesh and bone”. But their association and bond of working “along” makes the life to dwell, but the subject, which the author is humbly trying to put across is, merely having this association in harmony will make the association take up new ventures with utmost ease, before proceeding further, lets try and have the better know how of this concept, breath is necessary for body to be in any form, static or dynamic means in either in motion or being stationary, but when there is a physical exercise like hiking is taken, then the person can only continue with its hike as long as the breath is within the piloted limits, if exceeded then the body needs to cool itself for making the breath to be normal, which means the body can perform when breath is normal and for the breath to be normal body has to be in a “good” state, these both are interlinked, yet independent and pivotal in their being, likewise the structure of bones and flesh needs to in harmony with the energies, which is driving it, for attaining this harmony there are several methods who have scientific logics attached to them, and shouldn't be taken as a concepts of blind faith or belief. There are logics because everything within the body is based on concepts, which can be defined and redefined, but for taking up either of these, there has to be an amicable and harmonious association within the structure and the energies, illustrating neither of them to be better than the other, but working in tandem. For the sake of understanding it better on this “harmony” concept, if someone intends to loose weight, then the harmonious enact of physical work out and control on the intake of the food, will determine how and when their would be weight loss, but if just having the wish of loosing weight is there but no principles of achieving it are undertaken, then there shall be no weight loss, this synchronisation is what the author is referring as “harmony” for better output.

Now the author with the understanding that its wise readers would have got the hold of the concept, as to what is common and yet different amongst energies and structure, now we, both the author and its wise readers, can proceed further into why should we adopt the measures like meditation, and make the this harmonious association work, what is it which can be achieved within the life if and when this association is sealed? For raising up the hand the will to have it raised and also the acceptance of the hand for stretch has to be there, then this is called wilful and controlled gesture, which normally we all do several times a day, but what if the brain is sending the signal to the hand to raise but due to some reasons ( like paralysis, which again is caused by some disorder in the brain) the hand fails to respond to the signal of the brain, meaning the brain had sent the signal to the hand and also sent parallel signals to heart for extra requirement of blood and oxygen as there is a desired moment but as the hand hasn’t responded by its action, resulting in wastage of energy which was in form of the signals generated from the brain, but if the hand would have responded then it would have resulted in some constructive yield, likewise, if the dwelling energies of the body are signalling something to the structure but the structure is not responding to it, then there is wastage of energy, because the reasons for which the body is enacting a certain act is not which the driving energies are meant or there is some disparity in the approach, but if there is a synthesises amongst the body and the energies then there would be no wastage and there would be better success even in societal way.

Every person is born with unique kind of energies within, which is even reflected as why is disparity in regard some being tall, fat, adopting different professions (if choice factor available), to the extent that there would be some who would even find the logics as defined in this article to be difficult to understand whereas there would be others for whom the concepts would click in the first instance, which means that there is unevenness in the parity of the energy structure of the body, realising what is in strength and working upon the weakness is the process of mediation, in which the dormant energies are also stimulated and instigated to undertake, its quite similar to have the sense of the “senses”, to have control over none other than yourself. Like when you are in a sound sleep one hardly hears anything, which means that everyone is capable of closing the ears (without buds) then why is it that you cant think of closing them, while being awake? Its the lacking of your control over your own system, which is the reason for it, in meditation you are able to have full wilful access on the system and can switch off or on the senses as and when you would like to. The author would like to leave its readers with a thought, wont it be better even as a concept, to have control over yourself, the same way as you have control over your vehicle when you are behind the wheel which lets you manoeuvre through the rough traffic and reach your destination, because you cant change how to road or other drivers would behave, but as you have the control over your vehicle you are able to rudder your path inspite so many possibilities of crash? To avoid any crash and be able is the reason for anyone to learn driving, like wise to avoid any distress and failures in life, one should learn measures of taking control over itself, meditation is not the only and the ultimate one, but yes it is definitely tried and tested over centuries, as in this process there is no requirement or scope for any foreign article to be induced (which is mostly the case when undertaking any other religious mannerisms) and the structure and energies work together to achieve the target, which is harmony amongst themselves.



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