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Why do I fall "ill"


The author before starting the topic of the article, would like to humbly thank its wise readers who are continually following its by reading each article and posting their questions, most of which are related to the article and yet there are who go beyond the perils of the article and dig further into their thoughts and pose queries, based on these queries is the header of this article, if the body is so well crafted and balanced, then why is it,” i fall sick”, which broadly means the reasons of sickness and also are there indications from the body that there is something which is not behaving in the correct manner, there is a change in course within the system, which if not rectified would result in a disease.

The author along with its wise readers, would take up the path, in which we both would try and figure out first the reasons of sickness and then try and extrapolate the primary indications which the body reflects before the damage is done and disease is, incurred. Lets take few ailments in this article and then we both, the author and its wise readers, can understand most of the diseases which are there in this modern world, like depression, thyroid imbalance, phobia, or the dreaded diseases like cancer, tumour or even AIDS. Before coming to the indications which the body gives when any of the diseases infect the system, first lets try and understand what is the reason that the invincible protection of the body gives way to these diseases to intrude and infect the body. When ever there is an infection in the body, it is because of either or both, food and breath, which means if something in introduced by the person to the body, it is then that any ailments occurs, like when there is continual inducing of not natural thoughts (the author in its previous published articles has mentioned how and what is the nature of the thoughts which is being forcibly injected by the person into its body) which is the main contributor for starting any disease to occur. Then the other stand alone or in addition to the poisonous feed in form of thoughts, is the food choice which is responsible, like if there has been no sincere evaluation/analysis done of what kind of food would be beneficial for the individual to make it big in the societal platform, and the food is either chosen per the existing customs in the family, or suggestions made by friends then the individual is most likely to be incurring diseases initiating from stomach, intestines, liver or renal related, which can start from allergies to the food articles then decaying of the tracks, and/or stomach or intestines. Food is not just an article to fill your belly, but on the contrary it is paramount for you to sustain your life, so the choice of food should be based on the placements of various energies, which is definitely different and hugely varies from individual to another, just for the sake of illustrating the concept better, some individuals are able to recipes which are high on spices and are comfortable with it whereas there are others who struggle to digest such recipes, and there is in debt explanations in vedas regarding the food, but without knowing the logics and reasonings, it has been unfortunately ascribed with religion ( the author in its previous articles on relevance and significance of food, has explained this). Then there is the third crucial participant for dwelling of life, that is air, which is required in small but regular supplies for person to even live, without it, there is practically no life. Air, which is being polluted by the industrial growth, has levying a Un reversible impact not only to the individual but on the society as a whole, this intake of the polluted air is also attributing its affect on the physical and mental health. Asthma, which is nothing more than allergy caused by air, is one of the most common ailment which is in existence and the society has started taking it as “new normal”, but before this allergy takes the shape of the disease, the body flashes indications like breathlessness, thickening of the saliva, irritation behind the ears and if the individual fails to observe these indications, then the body gives way to asthma/bronchitis, there are similar indications flashed by the body even in case of lung cancer and/or wind pipe.

Now lets start exploring, the effects of thoughts starts showing by indigestion or formation of acidity then makes the person feel weak, either physically or mentally and in severe cases, both, that it takes away the hunger for food and the individual tends to start forgetting things, which further results in tumours, heart ailments, diabetics apart from impressing upon one or another kind of depression on the individual. Before the body slips into these dreaded diseases, it is giving indications in form of indigestion and there is change in the smell of the sweat, change in sleeping patterns, skin of the ankle, stiffness in the leg muscles particularly below the knee area, if the person is heading towards diabetics or thyroid imbalance, and unfortunately as the case is with almost all the people, these indications are ignored and no heed is given to the primary signals of the body, which is trying to communicate, something isn’t going well within it, that is why in Vedic science daily breathing exercises in addition to yoga is suggested for each and everyone, this is also a regal suggestion even in western medicinal methodology. When the person is unfortunately a-heading to catch up with a fatal and dreaded disease like cancer, there is change in the behaviour of the blood flow in the vessels, and if the person is observant enough, it can be observed that the striking of the blood at the end points of the flow chart ( finger tips of hand or feet), there is intermittent chord, a kind of non regular sensation can be felt and/or there is irritation just under the rib cage.

In Vedic science, the source of the issue is taken up ( as has been put forth by the author what is the reason for the body failing to cure itself in its previous article) and by virtue of hymns and concentration exercises almost all the diseases can be cured, solemnly depending upon the command of the master in the subject and absorbing quality/intensity of the student, but if done in its correct texture, the ailments can be cured. Just for the sake of example, if there is imbalance in the glucose formation in the body, the targeting and healing the solar plexus chakra (energy point) would correct the imbalance, this healing can either be done by the methods of Shree Rudraksham, Hymns, Oils or corresponding precious or semi precious stones, but before this diabetics incurs, the urge to eat sweet especially after having meals, is one of the most common indication, apart from the feeling of being thirsty almost during the entire day is also common in its occurrence as in regard the indications from the body are concerned. These are few of the indications which the body flashes when there are high probability of attracting some kind of sickness, or in other words it means, when the body is unable to produce those chemicals which are required to fight or nullify the infection, but in either case there is a spontaneous response by the body, the Vedic science has elaborated the things and how and what measures which can be adopted for enabling the body to heal itself on its own. The author would leave the choice to its wise readers of adopting any kind of measure, as in Vedic system there is no definite and rigid path but procedures are enshrined, the author would wish the well being of its readers irrespective which path they adopt for curing their emotional and physical issues.



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