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Happiness beyond Reasons


Since times memorable humans have always tried to find the reasons for their existence and the logics why the universe was created (if it was created by someone) , and to answer this query there have been as many answers as are the questions. But it would be interesting to realise, that mother earth is just a spec in the solar system which in itself is an micro constituent in the milky way galaxy and there are 22 trillion galaxies of such a kind, which would be hosting so many planets which would be smaller, alike and bigger than the earth, all these 22 trillion galaxies are just .001% of the known universe. With this amount of known information (.001%) of the universe, how is it possible to realise and reveal the logics of why universe was created or a matter of fact, even why earth was created, but the logics are floating around in the market landscape in almost equal abundance as is oxygen in the air, every new bend on the path has a new logics revealed by a newer name and face, who have also given a unique sense to fellow beings, which has jumbled the things further and now a majority are trying to find the reasons for them to be born on earth and what is so “special” that they need to do before departing ( analogue used in reference with coming to earth).

The author has no qualms to admit that it is unaware of reasons for the creation of universe or earth ( as earth has already lived around 4.3 billion years before author was even born) and has nothing to say about any “special” reason to be born either ( as this human body is just a shape which these dynamic energies have taken, as is the case with other living beings), but is aware about the micro representation of the cosmos which exists within itself and how to be in array with them. To have a harmony amongst the physical body and the dwelling and driving energies is the thing solemnly responsible for awareness of being a micro representation of the universe, and this awareness would not be leading towards decoding the universe, but would make the practitioner live life in productive and calmer pattern.

The energies are existing and performing in everyone’s case, but to have the things in control is the essence of making the life better placed and comfortable, and to achieve this, the admittance of their existence and then being aware of them is the primary criterions which one has to meet. These criterions, have been made public by the seers, by virtue of using various connotations like GOD resembling to humans, and alikes, as humans have a tendency to associate more with their kind of species than with the other (known) ones, communicating their understandings in more similar way which makes it readily acceptable, but the paramount reason is to bring harmony in the lives for further enhancements of the human race, which in today societal landscape translates into calmer and productive living.

Before leaping into having a abstract about calming one”self” lets illustrate the things responsible for any and all disarray in the lives. Forced emotions (as explained by the author in its earlier article) is the bigger bracket in which smaller constituents like higher salary, better profession, more wealth and phonetic emotions fall, but the regality for each and everyone of them remains the same, it is injected, as it is not natural in its being, so in order to curb this and other destructive things in ones lives, the first thing is to realise what is it that you intend to achieve and after achieving it will it make a difference in your life ( the author doesn’t hints towards having better cars or bigger house), is there something in that achievement which will add a natural value for you?

Not going any further on the topic why and what is necessary, the author returns of how to have calmer life, which can be directly felt by the behaviour of the physical organs, like when in deep thoughts the behaviour of the heart, blood and other vital organs changes which is known to be damaging for the hosting body, and all these changes incur due to change in the breath, so taking forward from here, the concentration on breath is the basic movement towards further enhancements of “self” awareness. There are innumerable methods by which this primary measure is adopted, which is being aware of the breath, and this association with breath calms the person to a larger extent, as it take away the person away from its thoughts for that specific period, and hence the dosage of the forced emotions (which is damaging to the body) is significantly reduced, which is a great step. But breath is a manifestation of the dwelling energies, and there are other methods which are there to move forward from calm towards no effort movements, both in professional/societal and spiritual levels, and in one of the methods as practised by the author the discrimination between the brain and body is dissolved, which can be comprehended as, there is no “body” and all brain or no brain and all “body”, but there is no difference. Well the author abstaining from laying any set patterns for anyone to follow blindly, but would like to sign off this article with a note, think what is which decides when the person is to die, as inspite of the all the instruments at the hospital all of a sudden the patient is declared “dead”, what is the thing which has gone missing and why has it gone missing?



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