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Life "The" Beauty


There is a common perception for oneself, that there are indispensable, this perception may be at micro level of the family or at macro level of the society, and due to such frivolous perception there is disharmony in their lives. Any human at any given point of time wants to be always right, which summarises, that it is the individual or the belief which is the nucleus and the rest all has to revolve around it. This perception, is most of the cases stretches to such a extent, that there are humans who tend to find and discover the reason for their birth on the face of earth too, as would be the case with several readers. The author with all humility and humbleness at its command would like to question, those, what is it that which is so unique in you which has led you to the belief that there needs to be a special reason for you to be “here”? There have been countless number of people who have come and died (including the ones who are taken as gods in various religions, or the ones who has laid an impression in history by the discoveries, valors, or any such act) but even those were born and they died, but nothing has changed after their exit on how the logics of life have been before them. The author in no way is trying or even hinting at undermining Their contribution for the society, but that contribution is for the structure of the society, but no change has ever been there on the logics of life, this is the only point which is being tried to put across.

The author would urge its readers to truly try and explore, what is the cause for their struggle or longings, isn’t having a stomach full takes care of the things ( in context with the individual only) rest anything and all apart from this is being done, under the false perception of being pivotal or fulcrum of existence of other beings, may it be constituents of the family or office and so on and so forth. But it is all being carried under the impression of being indispensable, like the connotation attached “bread winner”, which in crude but real sense means, there would be no food if “the” individual wont be there, but is it really so? If that bread winner would die, then there would another one, its like waves in the ocean, one wave is the extension of another and it leads to another and so on, but there is no “the” wave in the ocean. Like if the individual purchases a new and expensive dress, and gets appreciated, is it the individual who is getting the accolades or is it the price, brand, colour, uniqueness of the dress which is being appreciated, well the later part of the sentence holds the truth, but the perception remains, “….i wore it so it looked good…” but does the reader really agree to this feeling? That the thing attained beauty only after that specific individual wore it, the thing in itself is complete, its just you added another frill to your frock, there was no obligation to that natural thing (diamond in this case), but this emotion that “i” add value, causes distress and disarray in their lives, that life becomes nothing more than a tournament in which performance is the contour. Lets dig further, lion feasts on its prey, like deer or buffalo, these two animals (just for reference), don’t communicate to the lion that they ate all the grass and gained muscle mass for the lion to be able to fill its belly, buffalo or deer fed for themselves there is no obligation on the lion, likewise if you are able to enhance your being in the society (if that be the perimeter of life) and are able to transmit that to your family and society too, where is the obligation, what you did was just your aspiration, accepting this would be the first step towards “happier” life.

With this frame of thoughts and perceptions, there have been people who seek refuge in one or another faith/religion and adopt associated methodologies to unearth within, and try to explore the one which is “nothing” with something, and hence resulting in more despair, because this quest (if followed in virtuous way) tends to demolish the perception of being “indispensable”. Keeping this view of being “indispensable” in fore, newer methods are being crafted by the self claimed masters, in which the perception is being boosted and the ethos of being another, just not the body, have been wrongly undermined. These kinds of thoughts as taught by the masters during peace and spiritual sessions, are quite similar to the lectures by the leaders of the terrorist organisations to their newly inducted members, as they are also taught that they are unique and have been chosen by the almighty to protect the religion and the world from the evil, and for attaining their goals they end up killing people. The untrue masters of spirituality, also tend to imbibe the feel of being unique and also have a special reason to be born, as the author in its previous articles already submitted, is there any death? So from where does the reasons for being “born” arises.

To undertake anything, there is a tendency to have faith/belief in it, but the author would urge its readers to discard any belief and try and differentiate between itself and any other living or non living thing on the planet. Is there any difference? They also have the same measures, to be declared as like living and dead, as long the ability is there within to breathe ( able to have photosynthesis, in case of plants), so why to carry so much of false pride of being something unique or an avatar, when there is no disparity in terms of life between the one in gaudy scenario to the moss clinging on the edge of the rock, take the life in the easiest of the manner as there is nothing so special for which you are born. The time one realises this and starts soft peddling, life starts behaving in a organised and predictable manner, thus leading the person to be joyful at all the times.



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