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Life and its essentials, how essential


Happiness is the ultimate emotion for any and all of the human kind and there is hardly anyone who hasn’t experienced it in any way, but somehow that feel of happiness has gone away with the passage of the event, and this divorce with happiness after the passing of the event is with everyone, may it be a toddler who has just learnt to stand up on its legs or a spiritual guru who has been able to meditate and achieve what is popularly termed as samadhi, but both of these loose that taste of the pleasure/happiness after it is achieved, and then they move on to the next one and so on and so forth. With this unending quest and shifting goal posts the sense of happiness is also lost somewhere in the travel to cover the distance to the next goal post. But one thing which doesn’t change with the change of this goal post is the person who is continuously languishing to have his pie of the happiness, but as the drunken fellow is not able to catch the fallen hat the person is also not able to get hold of happiness. But why is it so, lets we both, the reader and the author, both try and figure it out, in order we both get out of this drunken state of thoughts and consortiums and have a look towards the life in its right perspective, which is holistic.

Lets take up the subject by help of an example of life, how and what are the things which add up to make and sustain life. Have you ever witnessed the feeding of a new born baby, the child which is unable to even open its eyes is able to satisfy the urge of food in it's belly by opening its lips and taking the food article (milk), which means life knows where and how it is to act to sustain itself, and that instance gives the first sense of happiness, and this fervour and its pleasure always remains whenever this act is repeated, with unchanging intensity and pleasure. But later when the heed is taken to the things which are more society driven than life essentials, then there is loss of pleasure if the same thing is repeated over, like going to the school/office isn’t the same charm as was the first day when it was joined, the pleasure would be more if it would have come with descent amount of struggle, but as in a periodic table, its value and significance diminishes with the passage of time.

This lost in the charm of the achievement often leads people to various kinds of theories, right ranging from the religious ones in which renunciation is paramount (at least in speeches) to the phycologist who tend to convey the complex matrix of the brain with difficult choice of connotations, to relieve the person of the anxiety of why it is loosing the charm of the thing which was not so long ago was most desirable one, why is it that it doesn’t has that warmth anymore. Apart from the things which were natural behaviour for sustaining life and were not taught by the society, like which is the organ from where to breathe and which organ(s) to use for eating, from where to relieve, how to crawl/stand (for the movement) rest all which has been taught by the society (including parents and family) while conveying its use, was always taught to use and then move to the next one as the first one is exhausted and this teaching within the person lives on and on and the same teachings are taught to the following generations of the humans, so unknowingly the residual of that teaching of the society in which the wrapper (which was attractive) of the baby biscuit/toffee is meant to be thrown as there is nothing left in it for offering, or the parents telling the young child to try something new to eat why to stick with just one type of candy (which of course the child is enjoying) but those words coming from the parents who have physiologically won over the Childs confidence and the child is complete submission state with them, takes these words seriously which becomes a permanent feature in its mind. That is why irrespective of what the profession that child takes up, may be of an intellectual (in terms of society) or a spiritual/motivational leader, all these kinds need to have more than what they have, thats why you have intellectuals shifting companies and these spiritual leaders wandering from one country to another and spreading the message of stability, is simply because of the teachings as taught in an unsaid way in the childhood to have another even if you are enjoying the present one, so till the time, we both, the author and its readers don't stay within what they have, the happiness wont stay as a movie but would flash as a caption, which demonstrates which has no relevance to your life.



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