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Clearing the "Trash"


The humans since times memorable have encountered one or another kind of distress, may that be in the form of physical (illness) or in societal measures, and this distress is quite natural in its being as there has been always a heed, which is to be better than the other which is quite natural in the sense that this emotion is also exhibited in animal and plant kingdom, which is to dethrone the present by presenting the better, which can be taken as “route to survival” but there is another mannerism in humans, along side of them languishing for their growth they are also into the effort of killing/culling the other fellow species (contemporaries) this additional undertaking has also been there and shall remain till two legged creatures dwell the earth, and this is kind of virtue is likely to be there within the human race, since the cave dwelling times to the present sophisticated cities and irrespective of the change of the landscape the dweller remains the same and intrinsic are the contours of its thoughts.

The natural distress like to grow or to grow more, has never been recorded as a life threatening or damaging distress, as there is hardly any life threatening issues when the child is in the growing age. The age in which the child is manifesting in gaining height (elongation of the existing bone structure, which if seen as solitary is quite a painful thing) or gaining muscle strength, graduating from eating soft and gentle things (child food) to consuming and digesting complex molecular structures of minerals and other vital nutrients, but this all happens naturally and there is no distress felt, even if we believe there is one. There is no distress in the body, when carbon di oxide constituted structures like nails, hair grow (which always is the case) or when a broken bone elongates itself and reforms the bond with the other chipped part, this and many more are examples of natural distress which the brain and heart are witnessing and coping with, but neither of them, the growing organ nor the reciprocating organs, get disarrayed.

But the time the unnatural virtue of suffocating the other alongside ones growth is introduced, this distress is not absolved by the system as its part and thus leading to ailments and emergence of problems like stress and anxiety, this kind of system of owning all has been there with the mankind since it used to dwell in the caves, the ancient tribe wars is an example of this virtue. With the evolving patterns of living things have changed and so have the representation of this virtue, and this is taught to child right in at home, when the parents of the child teach the child to pay more attention in the classroom so that their child outplays other students in the class. In profession, there is always a hidden threat to ones job as there is always someone who is hell bent to ensure the others exit, and this is continuous reaction, where there is a musical chair kind of presentation, where predator to one becomes the prey to other and so on and so forth.

When this virtue goes beyond certain limits, it causes serious illness to the hosting body, right from depression to dreaded diseases like cancer, but the root to all this is the same, a virtue an emotion which is not natural to ones body is injected (on the pretext of societal needs) and there is no end or satisfaction to it, it takes a toll on the mental and physical health of the person. Vedas understanding anxiety and stress as the major cause for any and all ailments introduced the system of meditation, in which there is a disassociation with all, even the language and intellect is divorced for a certain timeline, which increases the result yielding capabilities of the individual, and these two major players of illness, stress and anxiety, have also been marked by the modern western science, thats why in all the major physical or mental issues there are medicines prescribed which mellow down both stress and anxiety.

There is no second that everyone reserves and deserves to languish to achieve more and more in their lives, and one should always aspire for having it, but to rank or evaluate your achievement or your path as based upon someone else should be the first thing which should be abandoned. The author would like its readers to do a simple exercise and see how and what is their comfort level, sit in a dark room ( well black is made up of all the colours, but this in the next article) and be with itself without any thought with any sound, and see how long are you able to sit with yourself.


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